30 Photos that will make you smile even in the most ugly

Sometimes, even the worst of days can be changed with something insignificant: help from a stranger, friendly support, a good joke or simply the candid look of someone.

Great.guru made a selection of pictures that will melt almost any heart.

When you ask for an autograph, Bill Murray

All the years, this man buys a lot of toys, disguises himself as santa Claus and runs the hospitals and the guards for children. What pastime more extraordinary!

These two prove that true love exists

Cat common fill. View from below.

Someone found your house ideal

“Every week my neighbor found the time to help your younger sister with algebra”

The ability to eat sticks of cheese does not have any

A couple of blocks is enough to make happy to a deer

“My grandmother is 78 years old and was to celebrate his birthday at Disneyland”

“My daughter helping to feed the pups from a shelter”

“Whenever I come to the gym I see this man to help the employee with the accounts. Just because yes”.

Sean has 5 years old, and when he goes to help the cats of the street is disguised, because it helps you to “be a hero for the animals.”

Who said you need to be hairy to be tender?

“I had never before envied the modern children and the cakes cool that they receive in their celebrations. Only now, in my 32 years, I understood all the joy of receiving a gift as well”.

The best ghosts in the world. Wild, but cute.

Sometimes, the smaller is the size, the greater is the concentration of tenderness

Sometimes, to be happy just need a little demonstration of affection from the people around us

You try to look at this band and not derretirte

“The neighbors were looking for your puppy for a long time”

– Those legs can’t be more tender!

In the zoo of Australia, for the first time in 36 years, was born a baby kangaroo tree. Just look at the happiness in the eyes of this mother.

A beauty salon organizes free classes for parents are taught how to make beautiful hairstyles and manicures to help them be more close with their daughters

¡Arre full gallop, my horse brave!

Employees of the Oregon zoo organized an excursion to an elephant. What you liked the most were the sea lions.

“My daughter asked me to take care of your kitten and was very concerned that we don’t take well”

Dog: the most comfortable place to be found

If you spend a lot of time without going to the park to feed the ducks, do not have left more remedy than to come in to the store

This photo, made from the interior of a shop of donuts, is better than any advertising

This woman stopped traffic to help a family of ducks to cross the street

How to not let it rise to the kitten

And what about you, what helps you beat the difficult days and smile in spite of all the clouds on the head?

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