30 Photos of 2017 that did not leave indifferent to any Internet user

Our planet is not tired to amaze us with her beauty daily. And there are photographers who know how to reflect on their images the majesty of the landscapes that leave us breathless.

Great.guru gathered for you the 30 best pictures of this year. You’ll see that it will be difficult to look away.

Seem to be 2 photos, but in reality it is a single

The nature is so diverse that at times their views may seem like special effects for a movie

Nature loves interesting shapes

These fields of lavender seem endless

By the “veins” of Malibu running light

A good moment in which everything became monochrome, but not ceased to be beautiful

The colors can seem so unreal that one could think that the best designers of the landscape worked in the decoration of these sites

At night the sakura in bloom is even more impressive

The fog and the sunrise in a fusion of beauty phenomenal

A small person and the power of nature

The blooming of the sakura in Japan since long time ago became a national pride. It is worth to see it live.

It gives the impression that the building of the Hungarian parliament were floating in the air

Electric rays also surf

A door towards the infinite, without a hint of Photoshop!

The place where it starts the rainbow

In the Earth you can see beaches and oceans of colors, very varied. Nature knows how to impress.

Japan is famous not just for the sakura. For example, in the park Hitachi you can see other flowers in a fascinating beauty.

The sky merges with the desert, and only the caravan, checked that all happens in reality

It seems that outside the palette of an artist, not a field with flowers

Sometimes the Ground may look awesome. But it is more fascinating than terrifying.

Are you sure that is not a portal to some other world?

The surfers feel like a fish in water among all this beauty

These photos show the majestic that is our world

A breathtaking sight in Yellowstone park. You can see all the power this is the source of fiery, it compares its surface with the size of the human figures.

Will it be a painting or a landscape phenomenal?

London after the rain

But there are also other universes

No, there are No fabrics or colors applied generously by an artist on a canvas. This magnificent place is called the grand Canyon of the Antelope.

When there is nothing on

What about you have you ever seen a rainbow?

What of these photos are the ones you have liked? I share it in the comments!

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