30+ Photos of weddings in which you can see the other side of the party

Almost all the albums of weddings are very similar. The newlyweds moved, happy guests and kids sweets. Same positions, similar themes, the same program: we are accustomed to wedding twin. But not in all the albums the photos of this day so important to look so similar.

Great.guru has found for you wedding pictures of people that have a excellent sense of humor and talent for capturing the right moment. And at the end of the article, you’ll have a bonus about a person who knows how to leave with grace in a boring ceremony.

If you want to land in the same country as your wedding garment, thou shalt not take the airplane of Delta Airlines

This child endured the entire day of the wedding. And in the suitcase are his toys scatter

Who said that wedding photos should be exciting?

When you don’t gustaste the photographer of the wedding

A good photographer knows how to choose the ideal time for a photo

No, this is not the boyfriend. This is the guy whose task it is to throw petals

Photo with the bride in the palm. Are we doing everything right?

Once is an accident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern

The bride had broken a leg a week before the wedding, but this did not prevent him to dance the waltz

Who will you’re taking a photo, to me?

This guy was one of the friends of the groom. And yes, eclipsed the popularity of the bride and groom

Nothing unusual. Just a bear getting married to the young

A girl who stumbled at the perfect time

During the wedding, the wife decided to play the favorite scene of her husband

As we set off skirts, must be at the height

This flame is incredibly photogenic

When did you realize the seriousness of the moment

I case only if Batman blesses us

Oh sweetheart, I’m ready!

“They got the photos from the wedding of a friend, it came out so cute!”

It is interesting to know, what are photographed young people with a flame or a flame with young people?

In a hotel, held two weddings at the same time. The brides decided to find out who was better

A boyfriend who suddenly wanted to levitate

The parents ‘ reaction to the speech of the groomsman is priceless

When his son-in-law is a magician it is impossible to contain the emotions

Good, where can you get this?

Simply. Eat. Your. Salad

For a large wedding, there is a big cake

This girl caught a wedding bouquet. Behind her is her boyfriend

When you can no longer pose more

A second before

How to hold the veil? Do with certainty I am not in the box?

Bonus. “Well, I got tired of this wedding, I’m pit”

Do you or your friends have had situations funny in weddings? Share with us in the comments.

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