30 Photos of the contest National Geographic that show that our planet is the director of the show-the most grandiose of the Universe

Among the many outstanding issues we don’t always have time to feel how big and beautiful our world is. The good thing is that there are people whose job it is to not allow ourselves to forget it. The photographers, without lowering his chambers, for hours and sometimes days, waiting for the right time and take thousands of photos to choose between them with that single.

Great.guru has published the best photos from contest National Geographic “Nature Photographer of the Year”, which should see everyone who is not indifferent to the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Orangutan hiding behind a tree during its crossing of the river in Borneo, full of crocodiles

The sun in the Canyon Dushanzi, China

Flamingos feed their chicks

Sunset on the Faroe Islands

Puffin in her nest, Island, Machias Seal, gulf of Maine

A macaque japanese resting in the hot springs

Morning fog on the lake Cuejdel, Romania

A bald european observing the battle of two herons

Lava from the volcano kīlauea’s, Hawaii, drain the ocean

A great gray hunting in the fields of New Hampshire

Trees snow in Takashima, Japan

A family of falconets: the parents and their five children

Life is a struggle

Flying fish, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

A cedar carried by the current of the river in British Columbia, Canada

The tarpon hunting fish, Caribbean Sea

Battle of deer, Wyoming, USA

Vegetation on the banks of the river in a canyon curved, state of Utah, USA

The duel

The jellyfish “Portuguese ship” on the east coast of Australia

Web bright

The time of the show

A sea lion young playing with a starfish

Lightning of summer in the Grand Canyon

Hundreds of flamingos flying

A peacock, isola Madre, Italy

Aurora borealis, Iceland

A crocodile


A huge wave in the lighthouse in Seaham, Great Britain


Humpback whale, Greenland

Sand storm, national Park Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan

An octopus dancing Hawaii


Which of these photos will give them the jackpot?

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