30 Pictures where everything is so perfect that it is impossible to look away

Some compositions will brighten the eye and bring into our lives a touch of magic. Perfect symmetry, straight lines, coincidences that become a photo incredibly beautiful: that is something that always gives us a visual pleasure.

Great.guru selected for you 30 photos that are better than anything describe the expression “ecstasy for the eyes”.

Who would dare to get into the water so perfectly smooth?

“The frost on my window looks like the work of a professional cheerleader”.

As if it were oil.

Ice that repeats the contour of the logo.

How much time will be spent by the author in this beauty?

“I found a stone on the beach. I think that is perfect”.

This plant knows how to be perfect even when not in flower.

A counter perfect.

These smooth lines are causing an infinite pleasure.

Every perfectionist would you evaluate the excellent work of this shadow.

The mesmerizing ombré of coffee.

“My pencil broke in 2 equal parts. Do you’ve always wanted to know how the coal inside of a pencil?”

“It seems that this aquatic plant to me is hypnotizing me”.

“My truck in the morning.”

The perfectionism of a big city.

A rainbow of teddy jam.

“My friend always arranges the pieces of the puzzle according to their color and shape. And every time I see it, causes me visual pleasure”.

A parking hypnotic.

It is difficult to do, but gives a lot of pleasure looking at it.

I can’t believe that they are only tomatoes.

The snow is not touched by anyone is a haven for perfectionists.

“I left the avocado perfectly.”

No, seriously, how is it possible to eat it?

This yougur open thrills from before you start to eat.

Fields with tulips in Holland.

A perfect organization.

“I’m willing to look at how to ’drain’ this painting for hours.”

The league black is integrated seamlessly into the circle of the t-shirt

The ombré of a housing

This store only hires perfectionists

Have you ever seen or photographed something that you will have caused visual pleasure? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!

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