30 Couples that will not allow your marriage to slide down to the routine

Really happy are those families where the couples not only love each other and respect each other, but also have a similar sense of humor and don’t let your marriage become a routine.

Great.guru has found for you 30 happy couples that know exactly how to renew your relationship.

When you trust your husband to choose a shower curtain

“My wife is very sexy, so our shower curtain looks as well”

“I bought a new carpet”

“My wife wanted to have a dog. I didn’t want to, but we came to an agreement. I present to Copper”.

“My wife prepared me a sandwich while she nursed our baby. Well, at least he tried”.

“I prepared for my wife with a romantic bath”

“I passed these notes to my husband one by one. Can you imagine the face I had?”

“My wife says she will kill me if I publish your photo on the Internet”

“This way I remind my wife that we are out of coffee”

“My husband: ’I stopped on the way home to buy a hamburger. I bought you one too, but I ate it’”.

“I decided to make an Advent calendar for my husband”

An Advent calendar is a calendar countdown from the 1st until the 24th December (christmas Eve). Usually is made in the form of house or box with 24 cells, each of which hides a gift.

“My husband left me this morning…”

“…and went to work, where they are not allowed to wear jewellery due to mechanisms dangerous”.

“My wife always sleeps like that”

“We had a discussion with my husband about if you can leave your socks on the floor”

“The joke of the April fool’s day from my sister about her husband”

“I asked my husband to cook a chicken with rice. It came out a sort of dead turtle”.

“My husband cooked an enormous meatball stuffed with spaghetti”

The last way to save your old t-shirt favorite

“My wife and I decided to celebrate creatively the 21st anniversary of our wedding. 21 years of adventure”.

“When we were young, we took a photo in the style of the ’Old West’. And again years later.”

“I asked my wife to send me a photo in underwear and I got this”

“My wife found these socks to me. All my life, I’ve been waiting for this moment”.

“I learned to knit, now my husband is hot”

—My dear, hang a family calendar on the fridge so that you know when you have (PMS) premenstrual syndrome again.

—It is good.

“The reaction of my husband when I said that my PMS would stop if I got pregnant the second time”

“My husband bet that I can not shave his foot without waking him up. So woke up this morning.”

Before his wedding, a guy from India organized a session of photos unusual with the participation of his best friend.

“I ’I messed up’ our wedding picture”

The husband of Gal Gadot wears a t-shirt that shows how proud you are of your wife

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