30 People that showed that some ideas are not as stupid as they seem

Have you ever tried to fix something, but it came, not as is generally supposed? We often see the creative approaches of people in different life situations and their ingenuity surprises us.

Great.guru leaves you 30 things that are not particularly attractive or eye-catching at first sight, but do their job well.

1. It works for both

To school from Monday to Friday, the factory at the weekend.

2. “Everything else aside, that is a lot of work and craftsmanship, fantastic”

It also seems very authentic and unique.

3. The best tamer of fire

I can’t believe that worked! Please do not attempt to repeat this at home.

4. It will be an unforgettable trip

Mom said that he would do anything to make you play outside.

5. A college athlete

Because you can strain the pasta with a tennis racket, but you can’t play tennis with a pasta strainer.

6. We have a great idea for your next party with friends

It is always better to have a pool in a car that does not have a swimming pool.

7. You’re not you when you’re hungry

Any idea will do.

8. That moment when you’re feeling a bit low…

Did you notice the tattoo of puppies in his hand? This guy sure knows what he is doing.

9. It is as well as it stays calm in traffic jams

We know what you want.

10. “So, this is in reality a sensor of reverse”

You will know when you should stop.

11. A hair dryer to quick for your shoes

Looks like a engineering domestic quite reasonable.

12. He was told to buy extra oxygen

You have hit the nail.

13. You have the full armor to cook these chicken wings

Self-protection is very important.

14. This is the Russian version of a desmalezadora powered with solar energy

Lie down for a whole day in the open air.

15. Hands-free for French fries!

It can be really convenient, but we prefer the old-fashioned way of holding a burger.

16. Are you moving? Call an engineer

Important tip: hire moving professionals. Seriously.

17. What about smoked chicken? You are in the second drawer

Hey… if it is tasty who cares how it was made?

18. Wow, this is incredibly creative!

This is great. Every beach should have this!

19. I need a place for my PC and I don’t mind the rest

“I recently moved to a different country and I am about to buy new things. But as I’m addicted to the game and the entertainment, I had to get to this idea. My new desk!”

20. Your carriage is waiting for you

That moment that you can say that you’ve been buying in a motorized cart.

21. ¡Work in progress!

If you join the broom to the truck, they would not need to participate at all.

22. A modification-saving wrist for a game

These small men plastic play football at a very high speed.

23. Someone do not have to wash the dishes

You should not go back to buy a dish.

24. When you didn’t want to backpack, but your friends insisted to go with them:

Don’t tell fashion enthusiasts!

25. Who do you like math?

If each has 40%, this drink has 160% alcohol!

26. One way or another…

I run, Forest, run!

27. We expect that gravity will not fail

Attention: this can make you completely oblivious to your surroundings.

28. Agree guys, I’m doing that now!

Now you can enjoy incredible games racing with your monster truck and favourite cars!

29. Human ingenuity has no price

Who said a lawn mower was made only for cutting the grass?

30. A simple trick for food to save time

Even the cooks use.

Have you ever seen “devices” similar to these? Or maybe you have found better solutions or ideas. Tell us your stories and share your photos in the comments. I Sorpréndenos with your wit!

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