30 People who took laziness to a new level

We’ve all been lazy on numerous occasions. Laziness could be considered an olympic sport, because some people take it to a whole new level, earning a gold medal for “the most creative and lazy on the planet”.

In Great.guru we chose 30 photos of the gurus of laziness.

30. Why all clean the car of snow if it all looks like?

29. When you gave too lazy to draw the eyes

28. “From a long time ago I wanted to prepare the potatoes. But she gave me some slack…”

27. “My girlfriend asked me to take care of your baking. I installed my smartphone with the camera attached in front of the oven and I looked at the process from the armchair of the room”

26. To purchasing more stressful can be re-pleasant

25. When you are lazy to walk your dogs, but you should do so

24. “The difference between our birthdays is 3 months!”

23. “So this is how I turn off the light when I don’t want to get up”

22. Too lazy to change the time…

21. How lazy or genius?

20. Games are loose with a high level of comfort

19. When you don’t want to lean to use the keyboard of your laptop

18. True, why bend down if there are chairs?

17. Who said that you have to be standing in a concert? It lies!

16. For those who are too tired

15. It was too difficult to remove the tv to paint the entire wall

14. Long live the laziness!

13. This is the best use of a dental chair

12. He would not wash the dishes or because you ran out of clean plates

11. Why bother?

10. Now your hands don’t get tired

9. Trick to using the jump rope

8. When you get lazy and go to the switch and doing everything possible to turn the light off without getting up from the bed

7. For those who are lazy to peel the tangerines

6. Minimum of effort, laziness maximum

5. So, it’s good!

4. When you do not want to get wet fingers with milk

3. I answer the phone, load it and play a video game at the same time!

2. How to move the tree? ¡Nah!

1. Why exert yourself when there is a device so cool?

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