30 Persons who for a time were moved to a parallel universe

Sometimes everything around you seems unreal, but at the same time it is difficult to understand what it is that is wrong. As you look at these photos, all will be put in place.

Great.guru gathered some pictures that may make you doubt of the reality even for a second.

It seems that we have lost the horizon

Since when does my door and window give different seasons?

I am struggling with the urge to look in the mirror: what if I am the same?

In some other hand, a dog must be trying to catch a mouse

What they forgot to draw the shade, or to cut the tree?

Is amazing! Surely I am asleep and have a nightmare

Gasoline, diesel fuel, coffee. What fuel do you use for your car?

Looking at this photo, you start to believe in magic

Is it my imagination, or in its place should be people?

There is a bug here

Isn’t there already criminals in the world?

Do I see double?

It is not Photoshop

Nothing out of the ordinary, just a cloud in the shape of a sphere

Will that also can be compressed?

The window to the hell of a perfectionist

It seems that someone forgot to draw the leaves

I hope you at least have different newspapers

Bubble wrap and wrapped in paper. I have only one question: what for?

When the sleeves of your t-shirt end up in some other guy

When the posters begin to come to life

This cat has their settings long unbalanced

I think I found a place where they sell computers of a parallel universe

Cat with the effect of déjà vu

Love, I think the car in the next lane made

It seems that these guys jumped several levels of evolution

This water is definitely, “does not know” the laws of physics

The cat that learned how to do “copy” and “paste”

When in the world down the graphics settings to the minimum

Could it be that their faces are also equal?

In spite of everything, Great.guru believes that there is nothing more real than this world. But if you have any photographic evidence of “failures in the array” or some “parallel universe”, I share it in the comments!

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