30 Situations that means anyone who feels too tired

Let’s face the truth: in the modern world it is impossible to do everything on time and sleep well always. It is not surprising that some people tired to take advantage of any opportunity to make a little nap and rest a little bit.

Great.guru found for you 30 photos that looked surely say: “it Also happened to me!”.

“I found this photo on the mobile of my husband. He is asleep, I don’t know the other guy”.

You can’t stay asleep leaning on the shoulder of a stranger… Although, why not?

Monday morning

My plans for the weekend

“This guy was sitting across from me on the subway. Definitely not of those who worship wake up early”.

A typical morning of a student

“Every morning on my way to work I see this mannequin and I feel we are connected”

“It’s a day very mad at work. Please, help me!”

“My face when the client 12 of the night asked to do it all again”

Even the dogs office is tired

So I feel every night that I work

When you already do not have forces to work

Could it be a glitch in the Matrix or I am so tired I see double?

Counts as a technical issue

“This child in the super expressed very well how I feel”

“Sometimes I feel like this heater”

“You know you really need coffee when you start to prepare it without a cup”

“5 cups of espresso at a time. If this doesn’t help me, maybe nothing to do”.

The coffee didn’t helped me

“Today these are my best friends”

“Today in the airport I saw these father and daughter. ’It is in their genes’, I thought I was.”

Trick for those who travel a lot

“Me too, calculator, I also…”

“My niece after school”

“I came to the bank and I saw there the guard asleep”

“My Halloween costume”

When you’re tired but you’re still cool

“This week we have our final exams. This guy fell out of the chair, spent 30 seconds laughing at himself and fell asleep for 40 minutes.”

“I fell asleep in a library and when I woke up, I found it in the table $ 5 and a note”

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