32 Photos that prove Japan is light years ahead of the rest of the world

Most of us think of Japan as a majestic place, as in the anime films, surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. However, a visit to this country reminds us how advanced you are in regards to technology and how respectful is that community, so much so that it leaves the western world a step back.

Great.guru has decided to share photos taken by tourists who visited Japan. I was amazed both to see certain things that I wanted to share them with the rest of people on the Internet, so that we can all sorprendenos next to them!

1. Robots that serve food

2. Lifts that tell you the weather outside

3. Food in hospitals in japan

4. The bullet train of Japan is so stable that it feels as if were still

5. The japanese make the country even more beautiful by painting the gutters of the streets

6. A toilet that allows you to wash your hands and use the water that is lost in that action to the empty

7. Fans of japanese stay in the stadium after a game to help with the cleaning

8. The containers of chewing gum japanese included in the package pieces of paper that involved the gum and keep it, for if you do not have a trash can near

9. Baby seats attached to the walls in Japan, designed for mothers who want to go to the bathroom and do not have with whom to leave their small

10. We all follow the rules and respect each other

11. Taking responsibility

The note says: “accidentally I hit your bike and broke the bell. I’m so sorry”.

12. Crowd trying to save the life of someone who fell on the train tracks

13. Music in the toilets

Some toilets in Japan have a button that plays sounds of water for people to feel comfortable going to the bathroom without being heard by others.

14. System installed in the bathrooms that allows you to know what a place is empty and which occupied

15. Refrigerated cabinets in which you can leave your food while you’re still buying

16. Use running shoes specific to go to the bathroom

17. Travellers in Tokyo waiting for the train

18. A dispenser for cloths to clean the screens of smart phones


Keep your smart phone clean with this paper. Does not dry hands with this product since it is soluble in water. May be thrown into the toilet.

Welcome to Japan.

19. The staff of the airport of Japan sorts the bags by color

20. A lamp in a hotel room japanese that is light to medium so as not to disturb the other person if you want to sleep

21. The trains in Japan are equipped with baths for the feet. That makes travel more relaxing

22. The rule of park to reverse makes life easier for drivers

23. There are emergency toilets in several lifts in Japan

24. Atms japanese have cup holders and places to put sticks

25. Brackets that hold your smart phone so you can take selfies

26. The hospitals offer magnifying glasses to complete forms

27. Taxis japanese have these buttons to tell the driver to go more slowly

28. A vending machine in Japan sells farm fresh eggs

29. Squared watermelons that fit perfectly in the refrigerator

30. Designated smoking rooms in train japanese

31. Handrails japanese who bend with the steps

32. The cans are written in braille the name of the drink, in the upper part

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