32 Photos taken at the perfect time, whose probability is one in a million

“Stop time, you’re so beautiful!”, wrote Goethe. Of course, it’s impossible to stop life. However, using a photographic camera it is possible to capture moments successful. Great.guru gathered for you 30 photos that were taken at the time more accurate.

A true phoenix

This dog is about to catch the best snow ball in the world

I can look at this wave for all eternity

This guy caught a fish that in a second turned into elephant man

“In this photo my sister is dropping”

When the frog is already in motion and his legs are still there same

With the help of the groom’s friends you can always take a photo fascinating

The sunset through a dandelion

A wasp carrying a fly

A white owl at the time of his landing

Well you see the real surprise

A second before the dotted

A flood is bad, an advertising theme is great

One more time: one second before…

I think that it is time to call an exorcist

Dogs flying ushering in beach season

In this photo everything is beautiful!

The photo misses a football game

A mackerel with the mouth open

When you don’t atinas

The edge of the water blends perfectly with the fur of the dog

A wave breaks against a rock


You want to eat the sun

A parody to the famous sculpture “The thinker”

A tiger shake

The shadow of this girl seems to be seeing the photos

When the head is perfect with the hat

When you envy the fame of the ears of the elephant

Know levitate. What about you do you know about foxes?

An octopus in the attack position

Parody of Marilyn Monroe: a location alternative

Have you ever did take pictures and accidental genius? It tell us or, better yet, display them in the comments!

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