4 Questions we should ask ourselves in order to know how many times you have to brush your teeth the day

Everyone knows that it is very important to brush your teeth to have a good oral hygiene. Thanks to the brushing can clean the remnants of food that have lodged in teeth and gums, thus avoiding the cultivation of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

But not just with the intention, it is essential to know how to brush properly, so cleaning is even more effective.

4 Preguntas que deberíamos hacernos para saber cuántas veces hay que cepillarse los dientes al día

Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions:

How many times a day should we wash our teeth?

Although few people believe it, if we apply a suitable technique, once would be enough. But what is certain is that the specialists recommend to do it two or three times a day.

With two brushing a day would be sufficient, one after breakfast and another before bedtime (this would be the most important).

With regard to the brushed evening, it is preferable that you spend more time, because it is fundamental to remove all traces of food before sleep. During sleep, saliva production decreases and bacteria grows.

However, if you can do it three times a day, the better. The idea is that you don’t spend much time without having brushed your teeth. Drinking water also helps to remove food debris in our mouths.

4 Preguntas que deberíamos hacernos para saber cuántas veces hay que cepillarse los dientes al día

Need to know what type of brush is suitable

To clean our teeth we need two things: a toothbrush and toothpaste. But it doesn’t serve us any, we need to know which one to choose. Dr. Regina Left recommend: “The brush should be soft or medium depending on the circumstances of each person (never recommend hard brushes) and must be in good state of conservation (it would have to be renewed approximately every three months)”

Electric toothbrushes could be an option, but not the most convenient in certain cases. “We advise its use in special cases when the manual brushing does not get an adequate plaque control or, in the case of restorations or multiple orthodontic appliances. In these circumstances we would advise an electric toothbrush with pressure sensor and heads specific to each situation,” continues Left.

What happens to the toothpaste?

Although the ads on the television get a good dose of toothpaste, it should not be so, Fernando Martín, of the Council of Dentists, explains: “With a pea would be sufficient.

“The toothpaste must have fluoride when we speak of the washing of an adult person, because it helps the remineralization of teeth and makes the tooth more secure against possible attacks of bacteria,” says Martin.

4 Preguntas que deberíamos hacernos para saber cuántas veces hay que cepillarse los dientes al día

How do you wash your teeth?

The success of the process is based on the duration of the brushing and the method used. The time duration is usually two to three minutes, but what is more important is how you brush.

Most of the people are guided by intuition to the time of brushing, but this should not be so, we may be worsening the state of our dental health without knowing it. “The gesture should be from the gums towards the outside of the tooth, both the internal face as the external, and in all parts of the mouth,” explains Fernando Martín.

We must also brush the tongue and gums. “With the same brush of the teeth and sweep the tongue from the deepest part to the outer part to clean the remnants of food that may end up causing tooth decay,” adds Martin.

Now that you know these tips to have a good oral hygiene, what are you waiting for put it in practice? So post your impressions below in the comments section!

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