4 Real reasons why the society really needs you to find your other half

4 Verdaderas razones por las que la sociedad realmente necesita que encuentres a tu media naranja

Have you ever noticed that if a person is single, everyone around you is striving to give her some advice, compadecerla, to reproach, to do a detailed interview and, in the best cases, introduce you to someone? It turns out that none of this is casual.
In Great.guru we decided to find out why it is so important to everyone around you that you have a soul mate.

It is a new religion, and it is a sin not to respect it

He argues in his resonant article by the German journalist Markus Günter, the love of today is a quasi-religion. A quasi-religion is a pseudo-worship of the people to different ideas: for example, the deification of a celebrity, a complete subordination to the political regime, a passion fanatic for the world of sport or… love.

Yes, no religion and no regime has dominated our news as fully as the “religion of love”. We impose that the only aim of life is to find “That Person”. Look, this religion has all the necessary attributes:

  • Celebrations: Valentine’s Day and anniversary of the day that they met, first kiss or wedding.
  • Prayers main: “I love You”, “I need You”, “I can’t live without you”.
  • Sacraments: kissing, sex.
  • Sacred symbol: the heart.
  • Icons: pictures joint.
  • Altar: a bed.
  • Hymns: songs that are asociadan to be loved.
  • Writing: messages of love.

And what’s more great that a religion that is built around a feeling so beautiful?, say. But what is certain is that this has a dark side: the millions of people who do not have a partner are considered as faulty by this system.

Since the kindergarten is taught to all the world that the meaning of life lies in finding a mate. All the movies and songs they shout about it. The girls have been waiting since first grade to feel those “butterflies in the stomach”, and teens were asked during family gatherings: “so what?, already have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” In case of denial or excuses, the young man says consoladoramente: “it does Not matter, there is still time”. And so, from childhood, memorize two important things: first, you’re not complete without a partner, and second, the time is running.
What to say to older people, oppressed by this society, quasi-religious, that try to do everything possible to find any kind of a couple? Because the non-observance of the religious rules is a sin, right?

And now admit to yourself: have you lived all this time chained by this ideology-fanatical?

For some people, it is an opportunity for self-affirmation

If we’re not talking about the relatives who really are concerned about the continuation of the lineage, but of all kinds of friends and acquaintances married, for some reason, wish to strongly that you too will bind with the bonds of a relationship, and that you constantly recite psalms on the fact that to go through life without your other half is a bit inappropriate, probably, for them this is an added bonus for self-affirmation. Think about it: is it worth it to listen to this kind of people?

It is beneficial to the state machine

The singles are unfavorable to the state. And here’s why:

  • The married are beneficial for the employers: they are decent, they need stability.
  • The married are profitable for the banks: the work stable is a reliable customer. The half orange, in case of being necessary, can also help.
  • A new cell of the society is a benefit to the state. It means that soon will begin the production of new workers and thought leaders.
  • A man in search of love is a benefit to the economic sector and the services sector.
  • A woman in search of love: it is a huge capital in the field of beauty!

The story is not forgotten

Could not miss the historical reasons: in ancient times, marriage was sacred. The union of a marriage is contracted before the eyes of God and only death could break it. Even the romantic feelings common (which is supposed to be “owed” to have any normal person), they were the object of worship: they composed ballads and wrote poems. The knights were required to have a “lady of his heart” to come back from the war, and the ladies had to have a suitor to be able to occupy your evenings with fantasies. That era has ended, but the tradition handed down from generation to generation it remains in the hearts of the people. That is why many continue to play the knights and ladies of the heart, desiring intensely the same to you.

But the love exists!

This article does not disprove the existence of love. This article is about the exaggeration of the role of love in our life. A person without a half-orange is not at all pathological, it is a simple inhabitant of the planet that will not bow to the opinion of the most fanatic, but listen to your heart. Do you agree with us?

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