5 apps for alternative to Spotify that you can use to listen to music

Listen to music in the now is something you can do at any time and place. You only need to download an app, get some good headphones, choose your favorite songs and ready.

The music consumption on the Internet is the trend, and for that reason there are various tools that provide a wide repertoire of songs for users to have where from to choose. Spotify is a clear example, but in this occasion we would like to show you 5 more alternatives for you to choose the one that most convinces you.

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Deezer Music


This application would work to get out of the problem fast. Assuming that you’re on public transport or in the car without anything to listen to, you can download Deezer that allows you to listen to two hours a day of streaming music. Already after 120 minutes, the users will have to pay to get the premium version.

However, before listening to two hours completely for free, you will have to register; otherwise, you will only have the opportunity to play up to 30 seconds a song. In addition, Deezer allows users to purchase and download files legally and safely then convert them to MP3; that’s not counting that you can also create your own playlists, and share each song with your friends.


musica gratis

Trebel is an application that was just launched to combat the trade-offs that have applications like Spotify or YouTube to listen to music for free. To comply with the desire of any user: listen to free music without advertising, plus the ability to download any song for later listening without an Internet connection.

With more than 20 million songs from mexican artists and foreigners with available genres as mariachi, pop music, band, among others. If you want to know more about Trebel, you can enter this link.


musica gratuita

With MusicAll, you can create your own playlists, save artists, songs and albums in favorites, in addition to creating a custom library.

When you have your own content that you have saved, you will not have any problem with listen to it even without Internet connection. Something that is also attractive of the platform is the fact that it allows you to interact with other users as if it were a social network to see what successes you are listening to the style of Spotify.

No application as such, but you can listen to your favorite artists through your web site.



Qroom is an ideal platform if you want to get to know new artists, songs, etc., it Is completely free and allows users to navigate without having to be dealing with the advertising. In addition, the application syncs with YouTube, so they could show music videos, so that little by little you become more familiar with new titles. Thanks to its machine learning, Qroom will recommend songs according to musical genres you’ve been listening to.



If you consider yourself to be a person more alternative, “underground” or cool, the more likely it is that you feel fascinated with SoundCloud, the purpose of which is to allow independent musicians to spread their work.

The navigation is really easy: just search for your favorite artist and without any problem you can pause, play and back every song. It is not necessary to be registered and much less pay. In addition, SoundCloud is an application of feedback, since all users can comment and watch the reviews.

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Do you know any other application to listen to music?

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