5 apps for true lovers of drawing

In the world of mobile applications, we have multiple alternatives to make life easier. While you do not fall into the disposal, we can take the best advantage of the technology to perform productive activities that will help us to our personal development.

We know that in the world there are great artists willing to stand out with their creations, we would like to show you 5 mobile applications that you can put your skills to the test and thus prove your talent.

Draw Something

draw something

This app is extremely fun because you can challenge your friends online to show the artistic talent. You will see that its interface is attractive and very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is create a game so that the game automatically gives you a word that you will need to translate the drawing so that other users can guess. You can have fun for hours and not want to stop… yes, remember not to neglect your responsibilities.

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Paint for WhatsApp and Messenger

whatsapp dibujar

With all the boom of social networks, we’re constantly looking at how we could innovate and give more life to our interaction with other users. This application is focused on providing the possibility of drawing detail in order to then share the results through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can choose the brush size that you want, select the color of your choice to combine and do great art work, erase errors and clean all the canvas, place photos or change the color of the canvas.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Unlike the other apps, Autodesk Sketchbook has more specialised features for those who intend to devote whole hours to develop their greatest creations. Account with zoom of up to 2,500 percent to improve every detail and up to 15 different brushes. It exists in a free version, but if you consider yourself a master of the drawing and need of alternative and more sophisticated, you can purchase Sketchbook of payment. (Our image shows that not highlight precisely how to draw).

Adobe Illustrator Draw

adobe illustrator

We know that Adobe stands out for providing various software applications that allow users to carry out artistic designs. Thus, the design program vector moves into mobile with this app that allows you to create drawings and images in any place where you get the inspiration. It is a very useful tool for all those who need to deliver an academic job soon, or simply for unwinding and relaxing in any part. Do the download?

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Infinite Painter

infinite painter

If what you need is to draw something very complex, try this application that offers more than 80 natural brushes preset, but if none convince you, you can create your own. Each brush acts in a realistic manner on the texture of the canvas, which could be ideal if you enjoy drawing beautiful landscapes. There are four types of symmetries, layers, and combinations of Photoshop, in addition to that you can also draw urban landscapes in 3D with 5 guides of different perspectives.

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