5 apps that can help you with that if you’re a distracted person

Being distracted has nothing wrong with it, until it becomes a problem when we play our responsibilities. Among many things to be done, it is likely that we may forget important aspects, or simply do not know how to organize.

To achieve greater control of the situation, we would like to share you a list of applications that you will put in order your life so that you can succeed in all areas of everyday and important in your life without any complication.

If you are looking for is getting independent, you need to download these applications

Remember the Milk

apps para distraidos

If you tend to do things the “ride”, maybe you should try this application that will help you organize all your to-do list. In addition, it offers the possibility to set your own goals for a specified period of time you can meet them. To use it, you’ll see that its interface is very simple and intuitive; you can even assign priorities to each task to be able to discipline yourself. The app integrates with Google Maps, and Google Calendar to be able to set locations and dates.

Any.do – tasks and calendar

You can use this app in all your devices, from your smartphone, to your tablet and computer so you never there are excuses not to fulfill your objectives and goals. It is totally useful if you need reminders everyday. Do you not remember when to take your medicine? No problem, you can write it down so you’ll never forget. If it seems easier, you can sort the application by using voice commands to not have to type in the event that you find yourself in situations very occupied.

Study Helper


All of us have past that we find in a day’s work or in any academic situation that demands a lot of attention and concentration. However, with the immediacy of social networks, all the time we feel the need to be looking at what you have submitted through the platforms, something counterproductive, because it takes away time and does not leave us to perform our daily activities. What makes this application is to block your smartphone in the time that you want to not be able to use it even if you win the temptation.


apps para organizarse

If the lists also seem boring and none of the alternatives above convinces you, you can try with Todoist that would shape all of your achievements to game mode so that you feel committed to your personal challenges. You can set all your goals, or responsibilities for the application to be reminding yourself constantly of your duties. In addition, you will see a chart that indicates the number of completed tasks in a given time period with the goal of increasing your level.

The best apps for job search


rescue time

What has happened to you that you feel that you lose time in unnecessary things and useless? This application does an analysis of everything you do on your device (yes, it may sound a bit totalitarian) with the aim of showing how much time have you lost in things not productive. When you want to see the performance of your activities, the app will tell you how much time you invested in certain web portals, or how much time duraste talking on the phone, or on your social networks. In this way, you could begin to be aware of the things you’re doing wrong to channel your habits in situations more productive.

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