5 things that the new iPhone took Android

We know that the classic phrase “is that in Android everything you copied Apple” is false, because almost always Apple copy these technologies, but what he does very well is popularizarlas, and that no one is going to deny. But well, yesterday we saw the presentation of the new iPhone, and we cannot leave aside that many of the similarities that the company from Cupertino, introduced as a novel, because in reality they were already in Android.

For this reason, here are the 5 things that the new iPhone have been copied from Android, then do not say that the manufacturers of Android are copied to the iPhone Xs, as already happened with the notch, a feature that Apple copied the Essential Phone.

Are there innovations that are worthwhile in the new iPhone?

1 – Dual SIM

One of the functions that many users value in Android is that many phones (especially the chinese) have slot for dual SIM, well, the new iPhone also include.

It is true that Apple has been forced to include this feature because they want to have a greater penetration in the chinese market, where this feature is almost, almost an obligation on the manufacturers, but we must not leave aside that in Android this function has been active for many years in the market.

2 – Certification of IP68

If Apple says that the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the most resistant in its history, believe them, but they are not the toughest on the market, and the certification IP68 is something that takes years in the market of smartphones high-end.

Since the launch of the iPhone X we wonder why Apple had not opted for certification IP68, because it offered to IP67, good, he learned from the mistake and now it is much more resistant.

The certification IP68 offers the user protection against water and dust, in case of the powder, these particles are impenetrable, and with respect to the water, the phone should be able to dive up to 2 meters of depth for less than 30 minutes without a problem. Apple has been presented, but many manufacturers Android recommend 1.5 metres depth to avoid any problem.

3 – Blur indexed in Portrait Mode

Apple said the new iPhone marked the new era of photography, and its best feature is the blur indexed in the photographs, such as Portrait Mode or with bokeh effect after you have been taken, but be careful, because Apple has made it clear that any phone could do this, and the truth is that it is not true.

Since some time ago, this is already possible, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi are the companies that already allow this type of settings, so no, it is not a function exclusive to the iPhone Xs Max.

4 – Screen with tactile response of 120 Hz

The first phone had a screen with tactile response of 120 Hz was the Razer Phone, and the iPhone is not the first as many said yesterday, however, something that we must admit is that Apple has done well to include this feature, as few manufacturers Android do.

5 – The economic model

Yes, the first iPhone economic was the 5c, but at the time of its launch was already a common practice among manufacturers Android to launch a cheaper version of its top model or high-end of that then.

For this year Apple has copied the strategy of manufacturers such as Xiaomi, which launched a team of “economic” with the same design as the high-end, but cut some of the specifications that do not deteriorate the performance, but to decrease the price. A seal that is very characteristic of Xiaomi.

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