5 Android games developed by women

The 8 march is celebrated the International Women’s Day, a date that, regardless of language barriers, cultural, social or historical, binds to all the women who are fighting for equality, peace and development. Sometimes, when we talk about technology, we immediately think that it is a sector dominated by men, when the reality is that it can be just as interesting to the female gender.

Taking as its pretext this celebration, Google introduced a collection of apps and mobile games that were programmed by developers all around the world. If you consider yourself an avid gamer and passionate about what geek, you should give a chance to the following games really interesting that there’s no doubt in download.

Laudrive, a private transportation option for women

80 Days

In this game, the only thing you need to do is choose your own route around a 3D globe, traveling in the airship, submarines, camels, mechanical, steam trains or whatever you want. Of course, the competitive side is not side, so that there is the possibility of compete with other players and with the worst enemy: the time, it never stops. If you have ever read the literary work “around The world in 80 days” by jules Verne and I loved the story, you’ll be able to enjoy this mobile game in which you have to help Phileas Fogg, protagonist of the same. It is a love letter to literature through the fiction and interaction modern.

Zen Koi 2

google dia internacional de la mujer

This game follows the story of the myth asia about the rise of a Koi up to become a dragon. To be more clear, the legend indicates that the fish carpio reach swim upstream to the waterfall and climb it, as a reward for their effort, they can become dragons. With the app, inevitably you will feel captivated, but also includes improvements with new features to the already known mechanics of the game. If you are a lover of strategy, you will not be able to miss out in this opportunity in which you’ll be a dragon and you’ll be able to decorate your own pond.

Race for the Galaxy

All lovers of fiction to put a lot of attention. This game amazing graphics, it will require a lot of strategy and skill to start to build an entire empire playing cards with the goal of building technological developments or set of planets. If you always had a hard time making decisions in your life, don’t experience this game, as you will have to choose between conquer militarily to isolate your opponents or to invest in exploration and to make stronger to your planets. If you like the competitiveness, you can play 2 to 4 players.

Kami 2

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If yours are the games with dexterity skills, memory, and strategy, you might want to try this game in which you will need to fill the screen with a single color, but performing minimal movements. There are multiple levels, each one with different challenges that will make you feel really immersed. If you suffer from stress, or you find yourself in a situation that really boring, don’t hesitate to open Kami 2 from your smartphone. We promise that you will not regret it. Their dynamic is very simple, but really addictive.

The best mobile games for free for Android and iOS February


mujeres google android

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