5 psychological Reasons people don’t lose weight even with gym and diets

Sometimes people go to the gym, is a strict diet, no health problems, and the genetics in your favor, but you can’t lose weight. Do you know why? Because it is advantageous!

Great.guru found on the Internet of people with this same problem, you explained with your example, what psychological barriers prevent them from downloading the hated kilograms despite the healthy diet and constant training.

It will be fat is advantageous!

Yes, it is beneficial because you can explain all your problems by excess weight:

  • Do you not have a boyfriend?
  • You can’t get the job of your dreams?
  • Can’t you achieve the objective?

This is very convenient. If you have a problem you can attribute everything to an excess of weight. What if it’s not what you had? Then it would be that it is not about external problems, but of yourself. Of course, no one wants to be disappointed with himself, that is why the kg in the gym does not want to leave. The subconscious mind is not released.

This is an excellent excuse for your own laziness

All of us sometimes we postpone what we need to do for tomorrow, next month or year. And people with excess weight often put off the plans for the next life, when they are thin. It is an excellent excuse. “I want to learn to dance, but for the moment I can not, because, you understand, I am overweight. Adelgazaré, I will start to train every day and I will become a star of the night. They’re going to see! Well, thank God for now there is no need to do so much physical exercise. I run for a while in the street before I went to bed, and quietly I’m going to bed”.

It is a way of getting love and attention

Well, who doesn’t like sob? Immediately there are people close around you who try to calm down. All who love you, care about you. And in this moment you are the center of the universe. A strict diet or a trainer heartless are the ideal reasons for whining at night. Can every day be the hero of a melodrama.

Escape from thoughts and unwanted emotions

Have you ever noticed that many people, in a state of stress-activated mode automatically to binge, even during diets? This is due to the inability to adequately recognize the emotions, especially if they have been taught from childhood to control, telling them: “don’t cry / don’t complain, it’s an adult!“ From this, the feeling of anxiety seems to be some other feeling, for example, the hunger. As a result, a person, instead of getting a session with a psychotherapist to tell you their emotions and resolve their problems, simply go to ”session” from the refrigerator, regardless of the instructions of the coach.

It is a way not to resolve problems with self-esteem

Well, another psychological reason that prevents weight loss is a unsatisfactory estimation of self. If a person, even while sitting in front of a nutritionist, in jest and with love speaks of his fatness, unconsciously it puts the label and in this way enables you to follow as well.

The same goes with the idea of the genetic heritage: “My mother is curvy, therefore I am”. If you want to pay homage to your ancestors, and proudly continue with the impressive size of the family line, then, of course, you don’t have to torture you with diet and training. But according to science, the obesity transmitted genetically is not something inevitable, but simply a provision. Therefore, it is a pity if a person does not have a genetic disposition, but does not care because he believes that all forms will have an excess of weight.

Then all the problems are in our head. Do you agree with this?

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