5 tricks for mastering Gmail that you can’t miss

Gmail is one of the email services that are currently most popular, with millions of active users using this tool to communicate, and is also one of the major e-mail services for businesses via G Suite.

Well, for all those millions of Gmail users who want to learn a couple of tricks to dominate this service, we have prepared a couple of interesting things that can’t be missed.

Before you begin it is important to mention that most of these tricks only work with the new Gmail interface that was released a couple of weeks, so if you don’t know how you can turn it on, here we tell you step-by-step what you must do.

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Send emails more secure with the new Mode confidential

If you want to add more security to your emails when you send personal information or important, then you can use the function in a confidential Manner, with which we can place a key to the post to make sure that only the sender can access it by asking Google to send an SMS with the password to enter.

On the other hand, the content can not be downloaded, copied or forwarded, even though the problem here will be that if we are sending a text document with some comments, or an excel sheet, then we will not be able to download it to view the content as it should, although it is logical that this option is use to send documents, photographs or information really important and confidential.

To use this function we need to do the following:

  • First, we have to start by composing a new email, and in the bottom right you will see the icon of a padlock with a clock, which serves to activate the confidence in our mail.

  • Once activated it will ask you to set some safety limits, as for example the time that the sender will be able to see the contents of the mail, or, if you will require a password to be able to view the content of the email.

  • After you set the security options send the mail and the sender can only open it if you have enabled the new Gmail interface, and will not be able to do this with other email clients (even Inbox), it will prompt you to open the mail in Gmail.

  • With the confidence, the sender will not be able to forward the e-mail, nor copy or download the contents or attachments in e-mail.
  • Users can activate or deactivate the safety limits set out above without any problem.

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Undo shipping

It has surely happened more than once that after sending an email you realize it is poorly written, has an attachment incorrect or forwarded to the wrong person, however, after pressing the send button as there isn’t much to do, or better said, there was not much to do.

And is that you can undo the sending of emails after sending them, this way the recipient does not receive the message if they so choose.

To use this option, do the following:

  • We go to the Gmail settings.
  • In the tab “General” we scroll down until you find “Undo send”

  • Here we have to select the amount of time that we want to be able to delete the shipment. My recommendation is 30 seconds.

Offline mode

One of the things that we liked the new Gmail is that now all users can use the new offline Mode in a simple manner, so that they may read and even compose emails even if they have no connection to the Internet, although in the case of wanting to send an email, this is sent automatically as soon as it detects an Internet connection.

To activate the offline Mode we have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Gmail settings, which you will find when clicking on the icon gear in the upper right.

  • At the top you will see different options, and almost at the bottom is the option “offline”.

  • The first thing we need to do is enable offline mail.

  • Then you make adjustments based on what we need, for example, if we want or not to download attachments offline or the previous days that we want to make the synchronization of emails.

  • Finally, we have to choose what will happen with this information when you log in to Gmail, and remember that it is best to remove the data from the computer if it is a machine shared.
  • Just press “Save changes” and ready.
  • Now we can use Gmail without needing Internet connection.

Organize your inbox and manage your tags

One of the advantages of Gmail is that any user can configure the inbox to your liking to first see what each considers important, in addition, we can always use tags to better manage the emails that come to us.

To control what we see in the inbox we need to follow the following steps:

  • Select the icon gear in the upper right.
  • Click on “Configure Inbox”.

  • Here you can select the tabs you want to enable to see the content of emails that Gmail classifies it in an intelligent manner, as, for example, “Promotions”, “Social”, “Notifications”, etc
  • Just press “Save” and ready.

With respect to the tags, these will be of great help to better organize emails and find them with ease, for example, if your folder of promotions, you want to “archive” the Facebook, then you can create a label with this name and add all emails from the same sender to this tag, this way you will have in one place all the emails from Facebook or some other topic that interests you.

To create a tag simply open the e-mail of your interest, and select the option of “Labels” at the top right. Subsequently, we create a label and ready.

We can add the same sender to multiple tags and change or delete tags as many times as you want.

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Blocked senders annoying or invasive

Many times when we receive an e-mail with advertising or when the content we are uncomfortable, we can lock it so that all your emails go straight to Spam. This is an option that Google enables by default for some email accounts, but if you see any that bother you, you can apply this restriction.

To block a user simply open one of the emails that you have sent, later we select on the 3 vertical dots on the right side, and press the option block user.

With that will be enough for you to not come back to bother us. Remember that you can also unlock users as many times as you want.

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