5 Tricks to avoid losing at home, and thieves can neither enter

Every professional in the world of the alarms will tell you, sooner or later, that if a thief wants to enter your home, enter. The key is to make your home less enticing as possible for the thieves to that, this way, you do not want to go never to stealing.

Alarms, security systems and recording do not prevent you from stealing, you just give the possibility that the stolen, the guilty will be caught. If you want to avoid anyone to enter your home, follow these tips more affordable.

Make your home unattractive to thieves

1 – The door is the first thing

5 Trucos para evitar que nos roben en casa y que los ladrones no puedan ni entrar

No thief is going to force your lock, that is too obvious. If your door is reinforced, the more likely it is that you simply disassemble it with a lever desencajándola and then enter like Peter by his house. There are locks much more resistant, which increase the distance penetrated in the wall, which makes them impossible to unseat.

You’ll be able to find one of these locks at your local store, but you may need some help to install it.

2 – Whenever he closes a door, he opens a window

The saying popular is known by everyone, even by the thieves. If you do not manage to enter your home through the main gate, they will seek a window through which to access. Sliding windows and doors are the easiest to release. Do you remember the manoeuvre to lower your window and clean it? As you can do the same from the outside.

The trick is to hinder the removal with a few screws, whose heads are protruding prevent the disassembly window from the outside. Each time you clean the window you’ll have to disassemble the bolts, but better to prevent than to cure.

3 – Much more than locks

5 Trucos para evitar que nos roben en casa y que los ladrones no puedan ni entrar

Not everything is focused on the locks. Thieves do not like to be seen, a couple of light bulbs with motion sensor on the outside of your home amedrentará to any petty criminal. Make sure that the bulbs cannot be broken easily, if not the invention serves no purpose.

Keep trees and shrubs pruned, privacy is important, but if no one can see your garden, no one will see as dislodge your house.

5 Trucos para evitar que nos roben en casa y que los ladrones no puedan ni entrar

If you go on holiday cancel newspaper delivery, ask a neighbor to park in your place and already of step, to water the plants, so there will be some movement in the house and the thieves will not know when to go to steal.

4 – Windows in the basement

One of the weakest points of your home. These windows should have glass, break-resistant, a special lock, and if possible, bars. Everything is little.

5 – Sash Windows

5 Trucos para evitar que nos roben en casa y que los ladrones no puedan ni entrar

You just need a bit of force to lift one of these windows, so you have to secure it well before leaving home. You’ll only need a nail that passes through the window and the frame to prevent lifting.

Is your house a piece of candy for thieves? Did you lose any time?

¡Share it with your neighbors, the more secure the neighborhood, so many thieves!

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