6 Tips that you should keep in mind if you go with your young child to the beach

Almost all of us like the beach: the sun in the body, the sound of the sea, and more if we are on vacation: leisure and pleasure total. But it is not the same to go to relax with your partner or your friends to go with small children: the care, precautions and plans must be others.

In Great.guru gathered 6 tips that you should keep in mind if you go to the beach with your young child.

1. Make sure you have a shelter from the sun

Children need extra protection. For that reason, you must make sure that the beach that you are going to have a good protection from the sun.

Usually, spas usually have a service to rent family tents for the whole day. If you can, the ideal thing is to hire one of those space savers. In addition, you get a plus: you’ll have more comfort to leave your items and more privacy.

If not you can rent a tent, or that type of space is not available in the beach you go to, bring your own umbrella: what is essential is that your son and you are covered during the hours the sun is strongest (between 11 am and 3 pm).

2. Put sunscreen

This council, like the previous one, is fundamental: the skin of children requires extreme protection when exposed to the sun.

For that, keep the following points in mind:

  • The sunscreen that you buy for your child must be a trademark, dermatologically tested and endorsed by a doctor.
  • The factor of protection must be 50 or greater.
  • You should apply the sunscreen every two hours, even though the child has not gotten to the water.
  • Even if it is cloudy, the sun burns the same. So, don’t get overconfident: no matter if the sky is covered with clouds, you need to put a protector anyway.

And remember to cover your head with a hat to avoid heat stroke.

3. Teach him a point of reference

If your child has 5 or more years, it is likely that all will call the attention and want to get out to look around. And for the more attentive you are the parent, it may happen that, in a moment of distraction, the child to walk a few meters only and then not know where are their family members.

That’s why, when you get to the beach, a good idea is to prevent that possibility disturbing. How is it done? You can teach your child a reference point close to your tent or umbrella: it can be a place of meals, or any fixed object and distinctive. In this way, the child only will need to locate that spot and walk towards there.

A detail very important: remind that if you lose, you can always resort to the authority on the beach to help you: the lifeguard.

4. Teach him to respect the sea

Many small, on his first visit to the beach, they feel afraid of the sea. It is normal: so much water that it goes and comes, from the point of view of a child, can be frightening.

What you have to do is teach her to respect him without fearing him.

Walk with your child along the shore, show up where you are allowed to mess, and points to other children who are having fun in the water. The goal is to be able to enjoy the sea and know that as long as you keep up on the shore with a nearby adult, there will be no problems.

5. Takes his toys

All the parents in the world know something: the children get bored very easily. And a whole day at the beach can become very desperate.

Make sure that your child will have their own fun. If you have a favorite toy, take it. You can also buy objects in accordance with the place, as a classic bucket with a small shovel to build castles in the sand.

Try to avoid toys that are dirty, such as stuffed toys.

6. Plan to lunch

It is not the same to have lunch on the beach one day to do it for two weeks. In one day you can eat junk food like burgers, fries, and sausages. But if the plan is to spend several days in the place, the food should be another.

Make sure to bring your own food: fresh fruit, sandwiches of tomato and cheese, and biscuits. Easy things that don’t complicate the life (after all, you are also on vacation!), but that are healthy and suited to the nutritional needs of your child.

Remember to bring plenty of fluids: the salt water of the sea makes people thirsty.

And now, enjoy! Surely your son will remember that trip to the beach and will want to return as soon as possible. Although, to be honest, who wouldn’t want to visit the sea often?

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