6 things you must know before you buy in the Amazon Prime Day

Next Monday, July 16, will begin the Prime Day 2018, the fourth edition to the company and the second to be held in Mexico, this after the success of the membership is paramount in our country.

And if you are preparing to buy any of your favorite products in this edition of the Prime Day, as we leave you with 6 facts you should know before you buy in one of the events deals most important of the year.

It’s official! The first Day will start on the next 16th of July and will have surprises never-before-seen

Exclusive member Prime

On Amazon you can buy anyone you want, but the deals for the Prime Day are exclusive to members Prime (this is called the Prime Day), that is to say, of all those who pay the annual membership of Amazon, which in addition to free shipping and fast also includes the Prime Video and Twitch Prime.

If you are not yet a member of Prime, then we have a good news, because you have the opportunity to start your free trial period for 30 days so that you can enjoy the experience of shopping at Amazon during the Prime Day.

36 hours offers

Last year, Amazon started Prime Day on a Monday 10 July at 18:00 hours, and ended at 23:59 on the 11th of July, offering 30 hours of offers members Prime of Mexico.

For this year, the company has wanted to increase the hours of offers and promotions to 36 for this reason the edition of this year will begin at 12:00 hours of Monday July 16, and will end up in the final minute of the 17 July.

It is important to know when it starts and ends, because there are products with great deals that end up with your inventory in the first few hours of the sale, so it is best to rush to see offers and to buy your favorite products.

More and better deals

Amazon has said that during the Prime Day 2018, customers will have a 50% more Featured Offers (which usually cause a product is depleted). In addition, there will be over a million deals in the entire world where it is held by the Prime Day, which leads us to the next point.

Amazon Echo and Alexa will come to Mexico, and you can sign up to test them out in advance

Where is celebrated the first Day?

As already mentioned, Mexico will have its second edition of the Prime Day, while other countries where also will take place this feast of offerings are: united States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, France, China, Belgium and Austria.

Likewise, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will live for the first time this event. IF you want to know how you can activate the shop international Amazon here’s how you can do it.

Not only involved Amazon, but also the Smes in Mexico

Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world, but the Prime Day is an event where Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Smes) generate good sales, because, according to figures from the company on the Prime Day of 2017 the customers ordered more than 40 million products to Smes.

This year Smes that sell their products on Amazon will also have an important role, and is expected to be achieved, breaking the record of products sold in comparison with the 2017.

Promotions banking

In addition to the discount that you get each product during the Prime Day, you’ll be able to get an additional discount with some credit cards and debit cards from participating banks.

This discount will be 15% additional to the price of the product, so take advantage, because this type of offers will see a few times a year.

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