6 Mistakes that you should avoid if you are looking for financial independence

The Internet is full of articles on the topic of “how to help your man to grow financially”, leaving aside the independence material of the woman.

Great.guru encourages you to pay attention to yourself and check how much you can take responsibility for your well-being. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that women make being condemned to poverty.

Error 1. Eyes tightly closed

Many women try to control their spending. Have the back in the store, keep a record of daily expenses, and often reproach their men for not having as much conscientiousness.

However, the practice shows that the desire to control costs is of course very commendable, but without a competent distribution of income one won’t get very far. Therefore it is better to first detach the 10 percent of the salary and distribute the rest as desired, in place of being deprived of everything during the entire month and finally get frustrated and spend all the savings.

Error 2. Illusion of prosperity

Every woman knows a thousand and one ways to save. However, it is impossible to reduce the expenditure up to the infinite. In addition, the cheap stuff will require a quick replacement, which means that there will be face new charges.

In short, austerity is clearly necessary only during periods of survival paycheck to paycheck. As a tactic in the long term, this option is not served at all. A person who always puts limits or breaks will never have the courage to go beyond. Then you end up with hunger financial, it is more useful to think about how to win better.

Error 3. “All that is mine is yours”

Joint account “family” in the bank, to borrow money in the pocket of your husband and the important property is registered in his name, because it is much easier. If this sounds familiar, then unfortunately, these address all the signs of financial dependence. In this case, you have to learn your partner and to show firmness in the defense of personal savings. The family budget is good, but you should not end your own interests.

Error 4. Self-sacrifice, eternal

Sociologists british were impressed by the results of their research, discovering that with the same income single women are much more rich than those that are married. In other words, unmarried women have more money available. It’s a shame, but the fact is that many of us are so diligent in the construction of a family nest, that we often restrict ourselves to even on small purchases. Men suffer from such self-deprecation with less frequency. Single or married, have money for personal needs. This is definitely worth a learn.

Error 5. Resistance is useless

In the job you offered to spend 50 dollars for a corporate party and your friends invite you to a place cool. A night there will cost you a week on bread and water. A posture submissive to such proposals will damage your finances. You can get out of the situation in different ways. Of course you can come up with an explanation more or less reasonable you excuse, however, the direct recognition that your budget will not survive such overloads in no way lessens your dignity. We don’t discuss that it is not easy, but it is much easier than spending colossal benefit of the public. There is a strict rule. Excessive expenses are a direct path to poverty.

Error 6. Impulse purchases

Many working women attempt to drown out unpleasant emotions with shopping pleasurable. Beware! You can easily overlook the time buying therapeutic becomes addictive.

There is nothing wrong in relieving the stress from time to time or to animate herself with something that you’ve always dreamed of. But buy it is not a method that works in a period of difficult, emotional. In addition, while doing this kind of shopping, you can easily fall into the tricks of experts in marketing, including discounts and closeouts that don’t end. The products are cheap and of poor quality, in the long term, not only does not bring you the joy you want, but you will spend even more money in the near future. I know wiser. Do not make purchases in a state emotionally unstable.

Illustrator Ekaterina Gapanovich for Great.guru

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