6 rare Books in which you can store the ancient knowledge

To save the accumulated knowledge or tell their stories, the people of antiquity wrote books. But unfortunately not all the old manuscripts can be read. Some of them are so confunsos that scientists have struggled for centuries trying to understand at least a word or an image.

All of the unknown attracts Great.guru, so we have compiled 6 books mystery in which is preserved the ancient knowledge.

1. The manuscript Voynich

The manuscript Voynich was written in the FIFTEENTH century by an unknown author in an unknown language with the letters of an alphabet unknown. Someone wrote 240 pages of text with images-puzzles about astronomy, botany, and biology.

The book was found in 1912 by the dealer Wilfrid Voynich in a monastery Italian. Since then, linguists have studied the language mysterious for years, but have not been able to read even a single word. There is the theory that the manuscript is a collection of instructions encoded on medicine and botany, and was written in a language not yet discovered by science.

2. The Codex Rohonczi

The Codex Rohonczi is another document (448 pages) that cannot be translated. Study from 1838, but during this time it has not been determined, nor even in what order to read the letters. As the scientists say, its 87 illustrations on different themes (landscapes, battles, religion and the everyday life of the people) are even more rare and mysterious.

Versions of its origin are many, but due to the lack of results, the most popular is that the Codex was created by Sámuel Nemes, a famous forger of the NINETEENTH century. But there is evidence to the contrary, so that you still can’t solve the mystery of the book.

Pages of the manuscript in the web site of the University of Hamburg.

3. The book of fine linen of Zagreb

The book of fine linen of Zagreb was written in strips of linen and wrapped around a mummy. Egyptologists have discovered that the text is in the language of etruscan, of which very little is known today. Therefore, only translated a small part of the book. It is believed that the strips are speaking about the rituals, the religion, the life and the knowledge of the ancient peoples etruscans.

4. The Ripley Scroll

The scrolls of Ripley are as mysterious as the life of the author. They were created by the alchemist Sir George Ripley in the FIFTEENTH century. It is known that he was fascinated by the natural sciences and wrote 25 volumes with chemical formulas and recipes. And the contemporary of Ripley were confident that I had learned to create a man in a test tube.

The scrolls are your work more extraordinary. The length of the largest is 6.5 meters. They are written in old English, in a poetic form. The text and the images are so confusing that scientists still can not understand the meaning. Some believe that in his work, the author indicated the prescription of a philosopher’s stone.

5. Rongo rongo

Kohau rongo rongo are slats of wood with hieroglyphics that were found on Easter Island. To date, the scientists have preserved 25 of such slats, but can’t decipher. The point is that Easter Island was isolated and, as a result, the rongo rongo is created without the influence of other languages.

Some experts claim that the letters signify events, knowledge of the world, medicine, and connect them with the lunar calendar. However, no one knows exactly what is and what is written there.

6. “Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon” (Chronicle of miraculous events and significant)

The chronicle of events is one of the picture books, the most notable of the Renaissance. The book was written by Conrad Lycosthenes in 1557. In its pages you will find images of animals, natural phenomena and astronomical events.

All beings are drawn with precision detailed. And some never lived in that region. For example, on page 18 is the indian rhino and the 19 is the camel. Most of the creatures aren’t even known by modern science.

The scientists also dispute the image of the engraving of the “spaceship”, that the neighbor they allegedly saw in 1497. Discussed from many years ago on the contradictory images.

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