6 Ways to set up your smartphone to improve it that will not cost you anything

We all know that smartphones are multifunctional and able to do a thousand different things. However, when we want to get the full experience of our smart phone, we sometimes need to spend some money. People more curious among us, however, continue to seek solutions that are more simple that can replace this type of configuration similar expensive.

In Great.guru we’ve compiled some tricks, great for your smartphone that will surely help you save a lot of money.

1.Take better photos with your phone

In the era of Instagram, we all love to take great photos and publish them online. There are many different applications for filters and effects are interesting, but all take our time and money and make the whole process a little boring. But, what would happen if it were possible to immediately take excellent photographs with effects directly from the camera of your phone, and without apps? Well, it is possible to. This trick will save you time and money in an impressive way and the best thing is that it is very easy to do. Just coloring a piece of tape over the camera of the phone and colour it with the markers that you want. We guarantee a result that you’ll love.

2. Lenses VR for your smartphone

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular and interesting. Are created many games and videos to include this experience in particular. However, to enjoy virtual reality on our smartphones, we need special lenses that are far from being cheap. But don’t worry!!! There is a practical way to do something similar and much more affordable. You should find a template to glasses VR online. Print it out, crop it out of cardboard and glue it on. Then just add the so-called lenses, biconvex and you’ll be ready to live your journey of virtual reality!

3. To make a joystick for your phone

Have you ever wanted a joystick for a better experience when you play on your phone? Well, it is really possible and in addition will not cost you anything. First, cut a plastic bottle in two pieces with a scalpel. Then use scissors to cut a strip of 4 to 6 inches long around the bottle. Grab a sponge girl and wrap in aluminum foil to make a small ball. Paste the tip of the strip of plastic to the aluminium ball and then hits the end and other parts of the strip to obtain a round shape and make it strong. You’ll get two elastic bands. Conéctalas to your circle (as shown in the picture) and put them together. Then just put it in your phone, turn on a game and use it as a joystick. Enjoy!

4. Take close up pictures with your phone

Do you want to take photos in the foreground on your phone, but your camera does not have this option? A lens expensive effect macro can be a way out, of course. But isn’t it better to spend a few minutes and create one on your own? You just need to find a laser pointer old that has a focus lens stuck on their interior. Break it off, hold it with a clip, and then connect it to your Smartphone. The effect is stunning!

5. Create a stylus for your phone

Pencils optics for the smartphones are not as popular as they used to be previously. However, there are still certain situations in which you really need. For example, if you like to draw on your phone or tablet, but your fingers do not fit perfectly. Unfortunately, a pointer can get to be very expensive, so that there is a perfect way of doing it yourself. All you need to do is roll up a ball point pen in aluminum foil and press the edges with force. It’s easy! Don’t be afraid: it will not scratch your screen.

6. Increases the volume of your phone

Do you love to listen to music in the shower, but the volume of your phone is not loud enough to hear through the noise of the water? Well, it’s a common problem and there is no need for you to consider buying an amplifier expensive. There is an easy way to increase the volume. You only need one thing: a glass beaker. An empty vessel, to be precise. The next time you need a better volume, just place your phone in a glass. The problem is solved.

Do you prefer the hacks that help you to maintain in tune to your devices or you’re more interested in buying things expensive to improve your performance? Please share with us your opinion in the comments!

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