6 Ways to understand how to deceive us news

After the presidential elections in the united States, the issue of the fake news and the lies in the media has become incredibly relevant. The false information has become a means by which it is easy to manage public opinion. The ability not to succumb to provocation and to be skeptical of information is a skill that is very valuable in the modern society. The experts are not sure that you even have to teach this to the students.

In Great.guru we have collected 6 major lines of lies in the news and at the end you will receive a bonus on Facebook, which will help you to identify the false information on the Internet even more professionally.

1. Fake numbers

The easiest way of cheating in the news is to say numbers. When it comes to statistics and figures, usually blindly believe in them because it seems to us that everything is well calculated.

For example, we hear that more than tripled the number of criminals in Amsterdam from 1981 until 2017. Suppose that 10 people were arrested across the city in 1981. We heard that for 36 years this figure has tripled, and we now are 30 criminals. But in fact, during these 36 years were arrested 720 people, because on average a year, were detained some 20 people. It turns out that formally no one lied to us. But you said it in such a way that the majority of people drew different conclusions.

What can you do? Pay special attention to the numbers. If someone says in a confident tone, does not mean that all is well calculated of truth. And of course, you must take into account how the information is presented. It may be that you have understood in a way that is beneficial to the speaker.

2. Part of the truth

It may appear that not having all the information, but only a part of it, is not a lie. However, even children know that to conceal the facts leads to a completely different understanding of the situation. One makes other conclusions and in the end it turns out that they lied to him seriously.

The news portal Bagnet decided to find out what is behind the strong slogan of Colgate: “Recommended by dentists”. Consulted to the enterprise of sociological research whose name was written under the asterisk in the ad and received a response that the survey was conducted only between 525 dentists. Do you recommend? Perhaps. Everything is possible in such a small scale as research.

What can you do? When making important decisions, seeking additional information and pitfalls. Do not believe the facts, even if they seem credible.

3. Experts doubtful

It is worth starting to wonder if the newspaper articles are limited to the word neutral “experts”, without specifying the names or other “identifying marks” of the specialists. And even if there is your competition, sometimes it is also very relative.

Do you think that an infusion of dandelion root can cure cancer in a matter of days? It sounds crazy, but this information was sent from computer to computer in the past year 1.400.000 times. And, of course, appeared in the news.

What can you do? When you see an opinion of an expert, think if this is competent, if not express a preconceived idea (a true information should be verified by the views of various highly skilled experts) and does not make a conclusion hasty.

4. Average values

The media often referred to the average values. However, in practice it does not give any idea of the real situation. One of the favorite themes of the journalists is the average salary. “Increased by USD 30 in January and fell to $ 10 in march.” But this is information that in fact does not speak of anything.

What can you do? Be careful with the mean values. Based on them will almost never be able to come to a conclusion about what really happens.

5. Hidden reasons

What can be more pleasant than to tell the sensational news that a simple remedy unknown can significantly improve the life? You should be suspicious of such such.

Why millions of people never heard about this marvel? Coffee with butter is the panacea to lose weight, do not you know? You say that the pharmaceutical companies are hiding this fact to get you to buy vitamins, expensive. However, not all of them want to deceive, although we can accept that it may be that this explanation is true.

What can you do? When you evaluate the statement of someone, ask yourself: what are the reasons that you gave are the only ones?, is there any other reason that the author hid for your benefit?

6. Shows incorrect

One can say the same thing using different words. You can pay attention to a fact or the other depending on the case. And all this, of course, according to your own benefit.

The news says that the unemployment rate in the State has decreased by 12 percent. However, as soon as we look more closely, we will understand that advertised the data on the registered unemployed. But the overall rate of unemployment in the country continues to grow. It would seem that the table is the same, but the purposive selection of information distorts to a large extent the final conclusion.

What can you do? When you say the results of a study, thinks that the authors were able to rule out the indicators irrelevant in your opinion.

Bonus: instructions proposed by Facebook to disclose false news on the Internet

  • Is the headlines with skepticism.
  • Look closely at the URL.
  • Looking for the original source.
  • Pay attention to an unusual format.
  • Pay attention to the photos.
  • Check the dates.
  • Verifies the tests.
  • Search for other publications on this topic.
  • Can it be a joke?
  • Some fake notes are a satire intentionally.

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