6 strong Women who changed their destination and they made their way to happiness

The women in the society tend to be associated with the tenderness, the protection, and the weakness. But for some of them life has prepared hard lessons that not everyone can deal with. This tempered his will and character and they could be happy, having overcome all obstacles to your destination.

Great.guru has found stories of different women, each of which refutes the common opinion that women are a weaker sex.

1. The girl has gone through 18 surgeries, and she herself became a surgeon

Cody Hall in the Uk was born with a severe deformity of the face. The doctors refused to help her baby, but her parents decided not to give up and launched a charity campaign to collect donations. The girl went to the USA, where the year went for his first operation.

For 14 years, Cody underwent 18 operations. Despite the ongoing fight against the disease, she led a common life, went to school and achieved success in their studies. It is hard to imagine how difficult it was for Cody to be among their peers, but not allowed to the offended, and much less than to feel pity.

Now Cody is married to a man who was in love with at school. The girl works at the department of surgery, Hospital Kettering and help other people. She and her parents needed a lot of time, perseverance and mental strength to get to this happy ending.

2. Human rights defender of Pakistan has opened the way towards the education of women in islamic countries

Malala Yousafzai is a true heroine and an inspiration to girls all over the world. She became famous for her blog, which she started doing after Pakistani authorities issued a decree that prohibited the education of women.

The thoughts of the girl caused a great public reaction, after which he had to face threats in their country of origin and even survive the assassination attempt with a serious injury and a coma later.

Due to his courage and perseverance, Malala her 20 years she achieved many things. She is now studying in Oxford and help other girls to receive an education. Malala received numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize, he opened a school for syrian refugee and wrote the book “I am Malala”.

3. The first runner with Down syndrome in the history of the contest “Miss USA”

“Miss Amazing”. Mikayla Holmgren won this contest for girls with disabilities, thanks to his charm and huge diligence. But the girl did not stop there and became a participant of “Miss Minnesota” and then on the first participant with Down syndrome in the history of the contest “Miss USA”.

To Mikayla likes to dance, gymnastics, devoted to charity and study. His love of life, sincerity and perseverance inspired many other girls and showed that Down syndrome does not define a person.

4. The girl works in 9 places at the same time caring for the elderly

Sarah Moore has left his life in a big city and moved to a small island in Scotland, mainly inhabited by older people who cannot cope with the work difficult. The girl threw the hard work on your shoulders and now combines the posts of controller of air traffic, watchdog, portfolio, fire, pastor and secretary of the island council. She load the baggage to the aircraft, operates excavators on farms and even makes excursions to the unique lighthouse of the island.

Sarah does not regret his move, or strange his previous life. Found friends and no longer feels alone. The locals love it for its kindness and courage. Despite the hard daily work and the lack of prospects, the girl feels absolutely happy.

5. The girl survived the attack of a shark, and lost a hand, but still became a star of the surf

Bethany Hamilton at 13 years old almost lost his life due to the attack of a tiger shark and was left without the left hand. But this brave girl was able to overcome his fear and continued doing what he likes the most.

Today, Bethany is a happy wife and mother and continues surfing. Among their trophies is the second in the World Championship. There is a book and made a movie about the history of Bethany.

6. A girl who was loitering with a street gang graduated from Harvard

Liz Murray had a difficult childhood. She lived with her parents, drug addicts and suffered from constant fights, so, ashamed of herself, he stopped going to school and got involved with a street gang. At the age of 15 was left in the street and spent the nights on benches with their dying mother.

It seems that such a story cannot have a happy ending. But Liz is motivated, he graduated with success in school and later also at the University of Harvard. The girl even continued to care for his sick father who once abandoned her.

Today Liz is a talented writer and a speaker to be inspirational. It teaches people to believe in themselves. With his own example and energy motivates them to not give up on your path to happiness.

What of the stories you found the most inspiring?

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