6 scientific Reasons that explain why with the time spouses start to resemble each other

Surely you’ve noticed that the harder a relationship, the lovers begin to look more like the one to the other. In any married couple can find some common features, but some spouses seem as if they were brothers.

Great.guru also noticed and wanted to find out the reasons of this phenomenon by asking the opinion of scientists. Is it true that there are these half oranges that mentioned in the novels? At the end of the article you expect a bonus that will show you that you can not forget the true love.

Similarity with the parents

Often you can hear that the man chooses his wife, looking for some resemblance to her mother, not only according to the domestic habits, but also in the appearance. Scientists confirm that we choose the pair that not only looks like us, but also we seek some resemblance to the parent of the opposite sex. This is particularly the color of hair and eyes. The age of the father also plays an important role. If a child was conceived by middle-age parents, this will look for a couple more big.

Number of years living together

The psychologist Robert Zanjonc compared photographs of couples at their weddings, and those that were made at the time of the research. He discovered that if the couple at the beginning had no similarity whatsoever, after 25 years of marriage the spouses began to seem like too much. Also revealed thatthe happier the couple was in the marriage, the more it resembled in appearance.

Exchange of experience

One of the reasons by which the spouses begin to resemble is due to exchange experience. During the common life we have a multitude of impressions, from the unpleasant moments up to the infinite happiness. Marriage is a common history that is reflected in everything that is shared: appearance, body language or emotional state of the spouses. It is likely that couples who are in a long-lasting relationship them appear wrinkles in the same places.

Draws us to the one who looks like us

According to studies, initially we are attracted to people with similar features in the face. This phenomenon is called pairing selective and is the tendency to mate with other individuals that resemble one in some aspect. A like appearance raises the chances that the child is more like it. Problabemente, therefore, unconsciously we want to give and perpetuate our own genes.

The same immune system

Our immune system shows our way of life, including eating habits and sports. A team of scientists made a summary saying that married couples have an immune system similar. Possibly, that’s why the style of life of two people in love often coincides.


The reflection of the behavior of a couple is a sign of emotional intimacy. Couples often change their own habits for life, this irregularity was noticed by scientists: if one of the spouses stopped smoking and started eating healthy food, then the partner does the same thing in most cases.

Bonus: despite the similarities or differences, the most important is always stay in love with each other

“My grandfather and grandmother were together for over 60 years. My grandfather had alzheimer’s and didn’t remember his children, his home and other important things. But, every time I saw my grandmother used to say: ’I See what you wife so pretty, I have!’”

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