6 Reasons why you never win at popular attractions, fairs

There is a lot of popular attractions at the fairs with prizes and expensive gifts, but you have little chance of winning in them. In particular, because the organizers can use all kinds of tricks to get you out of your money and not allow you to emerge victorious.

Great.guru you will see in detail how to deceive us in the most famous attractions and what you can do to win them, despite of these traps.

1. Prick the balloons with darts

“It’s simple”, you say, and you get 7 (or less) darts to bust some balloons. But it is often very difficult to make explode, even with a direct impact. The tip of the projectile is not sharp on purpose, and the inflatables are slightly deflated to make it expensive to drill into them. In addition, the center of gravity of the rod can be modified for it to fly unevenly.

How to win?

  • First, check to see if the dart is balanced, if it is straight and if you have or not a separator paper between the point and the body of the same.
  • Try to pull as hard as you can, while maintaining the accuracy of the launch.
  • Point to the balloons that appear more inflated.

2. Put the ball in the hoop

Even if you’ve played basketball for years, in this game, the more likely it is that you can’t put the ball in the basket. The fact is that the basketball hoop can be smaller than normal and be slightly twisted, so that it is much more difficult to get.

The ball can also be manipulated. Can be inflated too much to bounce back stronger. In addition, the ring itself, as a rule, has a height and distance is not standard.

How to win?

  • Given that the size of the ring is often equal to that of the ball, the only way to hit a ball is throwing it with perfect precision.
  • You try to throw away as high and with as much force as possible to keep the ball flying along the arc. The more perfect and more high is the arch, the more likely you are to get it.
  • Don’t try to put it with the rebound of the board, this is not going to work. Due to the fact that the ball is heavily inflated, it’s going to be directed to any side less to the ring.

3. Shoot down the pyramid of bottles

A few meters away you placed bottles (or bowling), one above the other, and I will offer you knock them with a ball. Everything would be easy if the pine trees were not laden with rocks or sand (which gives them an additional weight), and if the ball that you are given to bring down the pyramid was not so light.

How to win?

  • There is a good trick to avoid the deception obvious. Asks to have one of the bottles before the game. If you deny that, then clearly there is something wrong.
  • However, even if there is a trap, it is possible to knock down bottles. To do this, you need to have a sharp release, and aim between the two pins that are at the bottom. Is the most vulnerable in the pyramid.

4. Put the ring in a bottle

In this game you get a ring and I will offer to put it in one of the dozens of bottles that are nearby. However, the rings are made of rigid plastic, and its size is bigger than the neck of the container, so you constantly jump out of there.

How to win?

  • The best advice is to stay away from such attraction, as it is almost impossible to win there. But if you decide to play, your shot should be perfect.
  • To slightly increase your chances of winning, throws the ring to give it a whirl. Such trick will stabilize the ring when it reaches the neck of the bottle.

5. Put the ball in the basket

You put 3 tennis balls in the basket. Before you do, even you get the first for free, and you manage to get it. Of course, you think that the next one will be just as easy. But it won’t! The basket is made of a material that makes the ball bounce and get out of there easily. In addition, the first, which is already in the basket, will remove all the others.

How to win?

  • As in the game of the ring and the bottle, it all depends on your accuracy and the tersidad of the launch. You try to throw the ball more weakly as possible and tilt the screen to reduce the likelihood of a rebound.

6. Climbing a rope ladder

The idea is that it suggests you climb the rope ladder up to the top and ring the bell or stand for 5 seconds in the step above. It seems that the ladder is short, and it all looks simple, but as soon as you upload it will begin to rotate again and again. Why?

Because at the top and at the bottom of the ladder the ropes meet at a point. Literally, you walk a tightrope and keeping your balance is incredibly difficult.

How to win?

  • Do not participate in this attraction if you don’t have a sense of balance ideal.
  • To win, it is important to move properly. Moves limbs opposite at the same time, for example, the left arm and right leg. This will help to keep the balance.

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