6 simple Rules of a well-known psychologist that will make life easier, even for a neurotic professional

The well-known psychologist Russian Mikhail Labkovsky does not hide that he considered this race to solve their own problems. And had success. The result of your practice of more than 30 years of observing his clients and himself, was the method of 6 rules. According to the author, these rules help constantly to get out of the neurosis.

Great.guru he studied the six rules of Mikhail Labkovsky and invites you to put them into practice, because they bring you happiness, health and well-being.

Rule 1. Just do what you want

This rule is the main. Just do whatever you want, that is all. And it works in all situations, from day to day (what to cook for breakfast?) until the fateful (do I case?, do I have a child? can I move to another city?, how to change your job or not?). Just listen to yourself, to your feelings and do what you want.

For the child to grow, to be an independent person with a psyche healthy, the rule should be applied from birth. The first step to this is asking questions like: “What do I do now?“, ”What I would like to eat?“, “What t-shirt I want to wear today?”.

Rule 2. Don’t do what you don’t want to do

One of the famous quotes of Mikhail Labkovsky: “The concessions and commitments are a direct path to a cardiologist or an oncologist“. Life based on the principle ”I don’t want to, but I do it because I have to do it”, also.

Then don’t do what you don’t want. Never. And if you do, don’t be surprised of the disease, the depressions, of which you are unhappy, uncomfortable, and you don’t have success.

Rule 3. Immediately speaks about what you do not like

Shut up, accumulate grievances, to suffer, to take in the head a mental dialogue endless with the agraviador: these are typical patterns of neurotic behavior. Say: “that’s not me going to try, I do not like”, it is certainly much less romantic, but it is a healthy way to respond.

In addition, the author of the method is convinced that it is only necessary to say this once. If you are not listened to, leave the relationship.

Rule 4. Do not reply when you don’t ask

The standard phrases “Idiot!“ or ”I’m tired, I’m sick, I can not more“ and things like that are not a question. And you should not answer them.

They cause the other person to give any response. For example, “What happened to you, why are you complaining about?” You must understand that such comments are a provocation, and the manipulative behavior of the neurotic. According to Labkovsky, you should never respond to these sentences or answer in accordance with rule 3: ”I don’t like this conversation”.

Rule 5. Answer only the question

When you ask a question and only answer to this question, then you are a person who is sure of herself. Otherwise your answer seems to be an excuse. Any type of clarification or further explanation is an excuse.

If your partner wants to know the details, it will ask you clarifying questions.

Rule 6. Discussing just talking about it

In this case, we are talking about the application of the method widely known in psychology called “I-messages”. The essence of the method is to talk about yourself and your own feelings, what you feel when you expect others to behave differently or have a different attitude towards you.

This rule does not imply any conflict. Do not argue with your partner, talk about yourself.

To feel the positive changes in the implementation of the 6 rules, one needs to perform them for at least six months, says the author of the methodology.

Maybe you already apply these rules. Share your opinions in the comments.

Illustrator Daniil Shubin for Great.guru

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