6 Secrets of Dutch parents, thanks to which their children are officially recognized as the happiest in the world

The organization UNICEF was recognized in the Netherlands as the country where the children live more happy, appreciating with a valuation very high your level of health, safety, desire to learn, and other indicators. This country also is included among the top 10 places where women hold a higher quality of life. How could the Dutch to tell the people of other countries what is your secret?

The Dutch modest believe that there is no secret. That is why, in Great.guru decided to find out what they say parents from other countries, who moved there for various reasons, about these peculiarities of the upbringing of children in the Netherlands. Some methods appear to be too specific, but the parents all over the world will be able to take note of many things.

1. Don’t choose between family and career

If a woman goes to work immediately after the birth of your child, no one will call you a bad mother. The mothers in the Netherlands usually do not have the neurotic feeling of guilt for not devoting all his time only to the children. Very often, the women continue to work part-time or find a flexible schedule to fit the opening hours of the kindergarten and the child’s school.

Dads are involved in the upbringing and care of the child in the same way that mothers. Do not believe that changing a diaper or preparing food it is the duty of a female. Parents, generally, like to spend time with their children. All members of the family are together for breakfast and dinner, and if the infant is sick, parents are asked to be absent from work due to illness, taking turns. But at the same time, not forget themselves and see nothing wrong with asking grandma to stay with his grandson when this is necessary.

2. Not looking to be perfect

Dutch parents recognize their faults and not try to use the guise of being an ideal person in front of their children. The same principles they try to convey to the young. Parents in the Netherlands do not hear phrases like, “you have Not worked hard enough” or “But the son of the neighbors always brings out the best notes”. Do not scold the young for their failures and not exalt its achievements to a level that is too high.

3. Don’t know what is overprotection

Mothers and fathers in the Netherlands do not consider the children pieces of glass, do not call a doctor for issues that are banal and do not impose on the children a diet of strictly balanced. In the playgrounds you can find stairs very high and slides and steep, the parents are not at all below that with a sheet stretched to rescue them. They also do not forbid your children to explore the world around them, but from an early age teach the child how to behave with independence and security: for example, how to cross the road or ride a bike regardless of the weather conditions, taking into account that it is the main means of transportation in the Netherlands. All children should learn to swim and get a special certificate.

4. Do not expect adult behavior in a child

In many cafés for children in the Netherlands, normally, queen, the noise, the hustle and run all around, but no one asks the children to calm down. Therefore, so shall it be in any other place full of people. No one regañará to a child by their activities, curiosities and feelings.

For this same reason, parents don’t scold children for having torn pants or get bad grades. Give them freedom and independence. If the child is sad about something and shows it by shouting and tears, the parents do not raise the voice, but calmly identify the problem and what can help you in each specific case.

5. Do not spend a lot of money on temporary things

Parents in the Netherlands face shopping in the most rational way possible. Even families whose economy is going well, they won’t buy things unnecessarily expensive. Everyone knows how quickly the kids break toys, and clothing them is small, so that in the Netherlands, the sale of clothing and children’s items second hand are popular. There you can buy a whole box of toys very diverse for only 2 euros.

6. Remember the small pleasures and value to the family

For the Dutch, the family traditions and home comfort are very important. In addition, their national characteristic is the strict compliance with the deadlines and the routines. The tourists stand, in the streets, at 18:00 hours, as there is no child because, at this time, each family gathers at the dinner table. The Dutch like to eat well and know that good food go up the mood, so the parents usually prepare a breakfast for their children hagelslag, a sandwich with butter and chocolate chips.

It seems that the happiness of Dutch children lies in very simple things: parents do not try to manipulate them, and do not dive into a self-sacrificing irrational. Do you think these principles for raising children in the Netherlands are admirable, or you seemed to, at the very least, strange?

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