7 Things very insignificant which can be symptoms of dangerous diseases

Sometimes it is better to be an alarmist and pay attention even to the most insignificant thing that happens in our body. After all, sometimes, those banalities can help us to identify and to eradicate a dangerous disease in its early stages.

Great.guru compiled the changes, at first glance, unimportant, both in appearance as in behavior, that can be the seed of a diagnosis tragic. I read it with attention!

In the flash photo, it looks red only one eye

The red-eye in a flash photo are a real punishment for all fans to take pictures at night. In reality, they are only the blood vessels in the human eye that reflect light. And if a eye out of the picture red and the other is white, it means that something may be blocking the vessels. You can be a cataract, an infectious disease, or, what is more dangerous, a cancer of the retina.

For example, recently, a resident in the united States shared a similar photo of your child on social networks and those who wrote comments advised him to go as soon as possible to the specialists, where they confirmed the diagnosis.

Then, if you saw a picture similar to this at a party, get appointment the ophthalmologist!

A dark line on the nail

Another photo I put on Facebook paws up: a beautician has published the image of the nail of his client with a vertical stripe of black on the thumb. The woman simply wanted to paint over this strip strange, but thanks to the professional manicure, that sent her urgently to the hospital, it was discovered that he suffered a skin cancer.

This strip is called melanoniquia and is not a disease in itself but a symptom of something severe in the body. If you’ve seen something like this, you need to go to the doctor. We must also clarify that this streak can be dangerous, rather, only to the caucasian race, while for other breeds it may be something normal.

Sudden changes in the writing

If the deed of a person has changed drastically, it may be one of the first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, paralysis tremors. With this disease, the writing suddenly changes: it becomes irregular, tiny, letters that diminish or even disappear completely at the time of writing. This is related with the fact that the person tries to suppress the tremor of his hands with all his forces, and strictly controlled.

An extreme need to point it all in the agenda

Write down the plans on the paper is a good habit to own a disciplined person. But if a person has never done and suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to record everything constantly due to simple forgetfulness, that is not good. This may be due to a drastic deterioration of short-term memory, which can be one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Postscript. If you have suspicions of this sort on your family members, or simply curious medical, we recommend to see the movie, “Always Alice”, which reflects all the stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Observation of periodic flashes of light

The observation of flashes of sudden light, where it should not occur, it may be a symptom of damage to the retina of the eye. If those flashes (often described as “stars that explode” or as “lightning”), also accompanied by headache and dizziness, go urgently to a specialist.

Insatiable thirst

If a person suddenly begins to feel a constant thirst and drink a lot more water than usual, it is a symptom of poisoning. Can be due to many reasons: from a hangover to tumors that fill the body of toxins. However, the disease is most common treating this symptom so acute is diabetes mellitus. Therefore, it is also recommended to immediately react to this signal from the body.

Pain in the navel area

Appendicitis is something that happens to everyday life, but that doesn’t make it less dangerous. What is most curious is that scientists still cannot find out the causes of this disease and prefer the hypothesis that each person has his / her own. However, there is the most common early symptom in the majority of patients: sharp pain in the navel area, and after 2-4 hours, it moves gradually to the bottom right area of the abdomen. This process of displacement even has its own name, the syndrome Kocher. The notice, called urgently to a doctor.

If a similar pain for many hours then suddenly disappears, it is not a reason to relax, because it can simply be a calm before something as deadly: the peritonitis (a complication of appendicitis). So, in any case, always call an ambulance.

Remember these symptoms and always watch your health. Under no circumstances will automediques. Turns on whenever an alarm signal and comes to you to scan a specialist.

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