7 Things that change physically your brain

7 Cosas que cambian físicamente tu cerebro

Have you ever dreamed to become a super to be: more healthy, more positive and more intelligent? Well, now, we bring you good news. Great.guru found some tips that you can use to literally improve your brain and bring it to a new level. And they are as simple as they look!

1. Stop bothering you for everything.

When you are in the habit of complaining or lamenting of all, your brain triggers multiple changes through which it creates a bias of negativity and you may end up in depression. Rather than complain about how difficult life is, it is possible that you want to go out in the sun, walk and meditate. Psychologists from the University of North Carolina conducted an experiment and discovered that the people who are participating daily in 20 minutes of contemplation positive demonstrate greater attention and a decrease in symptoms of diseases.

2. Be grateful for what you have.

Find at least 3 things at the end of the day for which you feel grateful. The newspaper of psychiatry and neuroscience affirms that this exercise will increase the levels of serotonin in your brain. The serotonin is essential for the correct functioning of the prefrontal cortex, which governs self-reflection and emotional balance, which helps to nullify the patterns of panic previous. Plan daily activities positive. Even you can write.

3. Verbalizes negative feelings.

It is possible that you want to write your negative feelings. Don’t be shy! Later, you can put them in writing. The scientists say that the linguistic processing is the center that regulates the fears in the brain and therefore reduces the level of stress of the emotions and reduces the activity of the amygdala. A amygdala quiet means a happier person.

4. To be surrounded by people.

A study conducted at the University of Michigan in 2010 found that relaxing with friends or simply being in the same physical space as other people benefits the brain in a big way. On a larger scale, your brain can experience positive changes if you surround yourself with intelligent people and emotionally stable. Did you know that human beings are contagious? You can “catch” emotions and attitudes, and behavioral. This phenomenon is known as contagion or social or emotional.

5. Embraces someone.

Hugs are magical. A warm hug and sincere makes our brain to release dopamine, the hormone of pleasure. This is exactly why immediately you feel safe and relaxed. The researchers found that hugging lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and improves your mood.

6. Stop multi-tasking.

Makes the multitasking in monotarea. When you’re talking on the phone, browsing the Internet and typing a message and you might think that you can perform several tasks, but studies show that trying to focus on more than one thing at a time reduces productivity by up to 40 percent. So that eliminates distractions and concentrate on a single task for a limited time. Once you’ve finished, reward yourself with a small break to base of physical exercise, a cup of tea or a call phone fast.

7. Tunes the right music.

Fortunately, here are the good news. You don’t have to turn off the music to work productively. In fact, the right music connects you with the relaxation of alpha brain waves. The music service focus@will together with leading neuroscientists developed different types of music to help you focus on your work.

These are some activities that you can do for your brain to function better, but of course that is not all. Smile, take a nap, pet your cat, breathe fresh air, expose yourself to more light, and anything healthy that boosts your state of mind also works for your brain.The wording of Great.guru would like to know your favorite way to increase the performance of your brain!

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