7 Things you should remember when everything goes wrong

We all go through difficult stages in life when all we want is to fuck and no one will bother us. Or run and scream.

No matter how you deal with these bad times, in Great.guru we want you to remember the following truths simple, but important.

The life does not exist without changes

There are few times when serious changes occur as planned, and cheerful. In general, life presents us with tests that become the true lessons for us. It takes away something to give us something even more important. He has left a void, then fill it with something new.

The changes make us grow, improve, become stronger, fight and win.

We all have fear

Even the most talented, experienced, and economically independent. To those who have a partner who understands and some obedient children. We all have fear: for ourselves, for our loved ones, for work, for life.

And will always be so. Because we are living beings and it is normal to be afraid. But we must learn to overcome it, not just looking to get rid of it.

The important thing is not to stop ever

Does not necessarily have to achieve something important from the first attempt. But you do need to move forward towards your goals little by little each day. The result is a multitude of attempts, not a single shot at the target.

Continues forward, keep the pace! Fast means slowly, but without pauses.

Our thoughts are material

It is easier to worry and despair that keep the mind sharp and to have positive thoughts. But it is important to keep on the good side of life.

Think of what is good. The images that we paint in our imagination become the basis for our objectives, the form, that is full of creative energy.

Everything in life is temporary

Sunny days alternate with windy or rainy day, small children grow and become teenagers stubborn, and then in caring adults. It all ends: both the good, the bad.

There is only one thing constant in life: ourselves.

We must take care

The ability to relax is not less important than the ability to strive in the decisive moment. Let go of the situation that is not going according to your expectations, untie your knots, internal and accept the reality as it is. It’s worth doing for your own good.

Think of you.

All we seem to

We feel that our probemas are unique, but exaggerate it. All of our decisions and responses exist for a long time, many of them have overcome circumstances similar to yours. Allows others to help you or seek help. Together we are force!

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