7 Things that it is better not to do if you want to make a good impression

The desire of all is to present yourself in the most advantageous and to be liked by many people, but sometimes what seems good turns out to be annoying to others. And we unwillingly and without even realizing it, predisponemos people against ourselves.

Great.guru discovered what actions they must avoid to make a good first impression.

1. Boast

To show yourself in the most opportune moment, you have to learn to control you. Even if you have many badges or awards, you don’t have to presumirlos, because you’ll be wrong.

Another strategy much more advantageous it is to show modesty and not to raise the hare at the same time. It is better that the person is aware of your merits in another way. In general, the people immediately have all the facts about themselves, that’s why this type of behavior will be beneficial to distinguish you from the others. In doing so, break the stereotype and make this person thinks of you.

2. Show arrogance

Do not show feeling of superiority in front of the partners, to humiliate others with phrases superb and attempt to prove that the other do not serve for nothing.

Such evaluation to the people you hate and the first thing you will want to do is to download from heaven to earth. If someone is stronger (there are many people of this type, don’t halagues) you will respond to, and you’ll have a bad time. Therefore, don’t laugh at anyone, only give them help or tell them that you will try to do so. They fall well showing a tactical behavior.

3. Give false compliments

On the one hand the majority likes to hear phrases of praise, but only if within them there is an insult hidden. Compare: “Wow, how well you look!“ and ” Wow, how good you look, ready for a costume party!”

In reality under this sarcasm lay in the weakness and envy. People use these phrases to humiliate those people who look better than them. And as this scheme is very well known to others, you immediately notice it, respond to this situation and you’ll be humiliated.

4. Make you less

It can be assumed in an open way and not the other way around. For example, you attract attention to your shortcomings in this way: “Oh, I look so horrible, I didn’t sleep enough, I didn’t have time to fix. Is a horror, isn’t it?“

This is a direct way of asking for a compliment, because it makes this person look shabby and unpleasant in the eyes of the interlocutor. Few people can tell you to the face: ”Well, if you think that, then what are you. You look horrible”. People have to convince you and elogiarte, although they have not planned to do so. The compliment is not sincere, but forced, and this angers people.

5. Add your stories to the dialogue constantly

It is a method bad to respond to each phrase of your partner telling your moments of the past. You risk making the image of a louse risen with which it is pleasant to communicate with.

It is much better to show understanding by confirming or saying a phrase of support, ask a question to clarify. Show him that you are interested in this person, that you appreciate their communication. It is not strange that all the articles on the development of the charism containing tips to listen carefully to the interlocutor. Leave your observations and comments, not to mention until you asked this question.

6. Violating intimate space

There is a simple rule: you don’t have to get close to your partner at a distance closer than the of your elbow to the tip of your fingers. This “invasion” perceived as a threat to the safety and cause a bad impression. The person may want to get away from you and pull you out of your space.

In addition, in some cases, the invasion of the intimate space can be perceived as an intention of sympathy or a desire for close relationships. If you really want to show attention or to answer the intention of an interesting person, go ahead. In all other cases, it is best to keep a distance.

7. Talk without removing sun lenses and hearing aids

By covering one part of the face with lenses, you seem a strange person. Therefore, you create a barrier with the partner, shows a lack of respect. Of course, if they speak on the beach under the strong rays of the sun, the lenses will be in place, but in other cases it is best to remove them.

It is clear that your auidífonos always have to remove. Both, without exception.

What habits in a communication you dislike the most? Share them in comments.

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