7 Qualities of a strong personality that we can all develop in ourselves

Many believe that the personality traits we have from birth. Someone is already born with a sense of humor and the other was lucky to be a charismatic person. Therefore, often, don’t even think of taking the path of personal development. Of course, some things will come easier, and we have to work and train constantly to other things. However, there is no personality trait positive that you can not develop yourself to be even more attractive and successful.

In Great.guru we have collected the positive character traits that you can develop in yourself for a successful and happy life.

Confidence in one’s self

People safe always have an advantage over those who doubt, because they are the strong people that inspire others, and control the course of events. According to a research, the self-confident people earn more and advance in the corporate ladder much faster.

Sports: the feeling of concentration and the feeling of control over your body give you physical and emotional stability. Stops perceiving the reactions of others to your actions as rules that you must comply. Do not look for approval from outside. A person who is sure of herself driving in your life, assuming responsibility for their actions.

The ability to say “no”

The inability to refuse an order indicates low self-esteem. In addition, the helpful persons rarely receive thanks and not appreciate them for this quality, since it is considered as a standard. Any situation in which a person gives more than he receives in exchange, or gives something that has little, causes stress.

You can learn to say “no” at any time. Don’t be afraid of offending a person with your rejection, it is assumed that you are not the only one who could help. Quickly will be those that only you use. People truly strong understand that can’t always help them, and there is nothing to worry about. In consequence, there will be no offense, and you will keep your forces for investing it in something useful for you.

Sense of humor

People like funny people who know how to laugh at themselves and their failures. The laughter thins the environment, allows you to see the positive side and establish relationships with others more easily. The resourceful individuals are more valued, attract people because it is easy to relate with them.

To develop this quality, you stop taking things too seriously. Notes to the people: many of them always joke and get jokes in return. Don’t get offended by insignificant things, you know laugh at yourself. Train your associative thinking, since many jokes are based on the game of words.

High capacity of work

In fact, the most productive workers, as shown in a study, not work more.

All that is needed for an effective work is concentration. Disconnect the messengers, turn off the sound on the phone, do not listen to music if it distracts you. Put yourself completely in the task you need to do. As well as the appetite comes from eating, inspiration comes during the work. When you are distracted constantly, your brain will find it difficult to organize again. And what is difficult for our brain, it is considered unpleasant and, therefore, low motivation.

In addition, you should establish your daily regimen: sleep and eat enough to not interfere with your work.

Ability to “read” other people

Many people are confident that the ability to read thoughts is in the category of superpowers, and for this it is necessary to be a psychic, but it is not so at all. It is enough to just listen to what they say and not invent more. Do not think for a person not to do an internal dialogue with her.

For example, you’re in communication with someone for a while. And then he disappears abruptly, and you wonder: how did this happen? It was all normal. And then you realize that nothing was normal. You wanted to meet him, and he always deferred the meetings, making sure that they were going to be seen inside of a little. No matter how important the reason, that he wants to see someone will always find time for this. The empty promises are nothing more than courtesy.

Does a person you confessed your feelings and you are not what you expect? Because before you realized that he was distinguished among all the others: you always wrote it, was wondering how you were, it showed initiative.

To guess as to the motives of other people and to understand the reasons of your behavior, just pay attention to what they say and do, where to look and who to smile. Compare these things and draw conclusions. Of course, do not spend all your free time to this.

The ability to attract people

Some people are so charming that it seems like like all. These people have charisma, a quality that anyone can develop.

When you communicate, you try to establish eye contact: look at your questioner with a look relaxed and calm, she smiles. Charismatic people know how to listen to your partner and be present in the conversation. So don’t rush to speak about yourself, best ask ask. Don’t bottle up your emotions if you said something offensive-it shows that you don’t like it. But not with a reproach, but ending the conversation. Retreat or simply change the subject.

If you want, respond with openness to what you were told. If a person is opened up to you, do the same thing.

The ability to control the reactions of your body

Self-control is the ability to control emotions and behavior, helps us to achieve our goals. It is necessary to do it successfully the majority of our day to day affairs at work, in studies, in personal relationships. With its help, you can stay balanced, restricted, and keep a peace that is both external and internal. To develop this ability, it is necessary to be able to determine and understand your emotions.

Palpitations, the muscle tone of the body or the impotence, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, its excess, are signs of alarm. You can learn how to turn them off by doing simple breathing exercises and meditations are more complex.

Panic attacks can be stopped, for this there are exercises special.

Reactions most simple as the irritation, the urge to swear or raise your voice, may also be detained, simply controlándote.

Illustrator Sergey Raskovalov for Great.guru

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