7 daily Habits that will reveal the dark side of your personality

Everyone has their preferences and their daily rituals, whose nature we do not think. We are accustomed to receiving as usual actions, but the scientists say that our habits in the first instance are harmless and, however, are able to demonstrate the hidden side of the personality that no one wants to display.

Great.guru prepared the 7 habits in common-and learned what secrets can hide in front of others.

1. Organic food

The people who recognize the food tasty, but harmful and choose carefully quality products without pesticides and hormones, have a tendency to the conviction, the lack of altruism and subjectivity toward others much more than other people.

The main author of these studies explained the results as follows: “To the people who have done a good action, it seems that because of this after which you can acting ethically wrong. This can be compared to the fact when you go to the gym, run a few miles and after you can eat a bar of chocolate”. So people who are accustomed to buy organic products justify their good actions to spend them at a future with others that are not worthy of praise.

2. Halls tanning

Many people know about the harmful effects of sunburn, which has led to a decrease in the popularity of tanning salons. But there are still people who come there. Scientists argue that the desire to get sunburn under an artificial sun brings with it a tendency to other addictions. For example, these individuals are at a risk 6 times higher of becoming alcoholic and 3 times higher of suffering from a disorder, seasonal affective.

3. A cold bath

Scientists say that a person is able to compensate for the heat emotional need of regulating the temperature of the water. For example, while a person spends more time in the shower or tub, has a strong sense of loneliness. Lovers of cold showers are self-centered, stubborn, and do not tolerate the opinion of other people. These people can listen to a different point of view, but never will agree with him.

4. Reusable bags for products

A few years ago entered the fashion bags are reusable and some people will gladly change them for the plastic and paper. But in this situation, as in the lovers of organic products, there is a sort of “bonus points” raised by good actions, that is why these people often buy food not so healthy (potatoes, chocolates and soft drinks, for example).

The study authors explained the results by the fact that the buyers that use this kind of bags think that they are taking care of the environment (which is a good action) and therefore, as a reward, have the right to receive something tasty, but harmful.

5. Emails

The tray of the emails you can talk a lot about the personality of the person:

  • The people who don’t stop to pay attention to your new post (filter, delete, or respond quickly when they receive it) they want to keep everything under control and are under a tension obsessive.
  • If the person rarely delete messages after you read them, then this speaks of his perfectionism, as well as the need for a sense of security. These people leave everything just in case.
  • The people who keep your e-mail without reading and without removing possess a high intellect, for they realize that reading them does not bring them anything useful, and simply do not want to spend your time in this.

6. “I like” on social networks

During some studies it was discovered that the “I like” in Facebook can determine the sex, political views, sexual orientation, religious belief and the intellectual level of the people. All this with the aim of improving the methods used to sell different products, but the researchers also explained that the “I like” define “activism” and laziness. People may express their concern about certain events with a single click, saving time and without making real efforts.

7. Products bitter

Each one has a well-known who loves coffee without sweeteners or sugar. But the scientists say that people who drink coffee pure black, with a higher probability can have disorders mental similar to those of the serial killers.

According to the studies, the love of any product bitter can testify that before you there is a psychopath. At the same time, lovers of the beer, tonic and other liquids without sugar are more likely to have traits of sadism and narcissism, a tendency to duplicity, vanity, and selfishness, as well as obtain pleasure in the suffering of other people.

Do you agree that habits have a different meaning much deeper than we used to think? Or do you think that scientists act out a little? Please share your opinion in the comments!

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