7 Products that maybe let you buy the know the origin of some of its ingredients

Every day we carry out a series of similar actions: we get up, have breakfast, go to work. But, having breakfast, for example, toast with peanut butter, have you ever stopped to think about how is the process of making this butter? Or, up showering, have you thought of what it’s made of your shampoo?

In Great.guru we asked these questions and found something that, to put it gently, surprised us. Hardly able to conceal morning that you have not seen what comes next. But even so, our advice is that you stay on the safe side!

1. The droppings of insects are used to make a frosting of sugar-coated tablets and jelly candies

The glaze that is used for bakery products is made from a natural resin, shellac. This resin, basically, is nothing more than the excrement of the insect family Kerriidae, the same that parasites in some trees of tropical and subtropical southeast Asia and India.

In addition to food products, this rubber is used to coat the tablets of the drug and to produce a varnish that covers the wood. In the list of ingredients of medicines or candy, this shellac is defined as a food additive E-904.

2. In the process of manufacture of bakery products there are permissible levels of impurity that include up to the hair of rodents

Perhaps somewhere in the world there is a lucky one who has never met a stranger “nap“ or other body-rare in a donut or a bagel. So if you’re not that lucky, you must know that all of that is because, in the manufacturing process, there is a maximum accepted of a foreign substance during the same.

For example, 10 insects per 225 grams of raisins processed is a allowable amount. It is considered to be over the limit when in every 225 grams include 20 ”bugs”. The list of the qualified as impurities ranging from small animals (rodents) to feathers and hair, the more the insects.

3. Gelatine is obtained from skins of swine and cattle

The gelatin used in the preparation of many desserts, jams and dishes gelatinous. But it is unlikely that you have stopped to think of what to do when masticabas with gusto gummi bears or some other delicacy of this type. Of course, we hope that after you read this paragraph, nor do you stop to think about it, but you’ll be enjoying those dishes in which it is used.

The gelatin is produced from bones and skins of cattle, pork, and also, why not, even a fish! Is obtained during a long process of cooking the bones and skins of animals. Certainly, we can say that it produces waste. But, despite this, all the waste go through a strict control to check their suitability for human consumption.

4. The food dye carmine is extracted from the acid of the insects called mealy bugs

The cochineal is the name given to several species of insects of the family Dactylopidae. The females of these insects is obtained a substance which is necessary for the preparation of the dye carmine.

In ancient times, this dye was used to dye fabrics and yarns, with the manufactured rugs and also wrote miniatures of scrolls ancient. Today it is used as a food colouring (food additive E-120) and as a pigment for the perfume.

5. The composition of many lipsticks include lead

Many women use lipstick daily, but few are those who know that in the composition of some includes the lead. Once, this information was associated with the obfuscation, but today there are already more data that will be checked by different analysis and studies.

Some companies of cosmetics to lower the prices on certain lipsticks because they contain lead. And the lead, according to many studies, contributes to the development of cancer cells. In the cosmetics canadian the use of lead is prohibited, which means that for those who are not willing to forego the lipstick, there is an alternative.

6. The meat products are infected with viruses to kill the bacteria

There are viruses known as bacteriophages. Attack selectively the bacterial cells, to multiply within the bacteria, and, in this way, dissolve them.

The use of bacteriophages in food and medicines was approved in the U.S. since the year 2006. With your help, the poultry meat and other meat products get rid of the harmful bacteria, and only then considered fit for consumption. In 2007 it was decided to use these viruses in all the food.

7. The bread contains an amino acid obtained from human hair

The bread contains the amino acid called cysteine, which is obtained from human hair or animal. This acts as an amplifier to improve the structure of the test. The cysteine alters the composition of the flour employed during the production process and also extends the expiration date of the bakery products.

What do you, know secrets of production or manufacture of some foods? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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