7 Reasons why strong women have a harder time to build a relationship

How many of us have seen or heard of any woman successful, attractive, interesting, but a single? Why should the representatives most prominent of the female sex is not so easy to find your other half and build a successful relationship?

Great.guru tried to be impartial by studying this aspect. So where is the problem and how can it be solved?

1. Feel comfortable in your solitude

Strong women don’t seek relationships just to be in one. In spite of everything, will not be waiting for her “prince charming”. And will not be with someone at any price. According to them, in a relationship should feel better than without it.

Danger: don’t get too demanding. People do not like people constantly bitter.

What to do: relax and enjoy the moment, without thinking of the faults of others.

2. They are self-sufficient of truth

Successful women are very demanding with themselves. Have good runs, they look good and are constantly evolving. In addition, they are financially independent. In the worst cases, can support themselves, and at best, afford everything that they want anymore.

Danger: some men may perceive yourself as competition, or think that you are going against the nature, so not many of them will be able to overcome their fears.

What to do: it is important not to confuse a working relationship with personal. Where there is love of truth, there is no space for the competition.

3. The couple needs to be stronger

Successful women are above limits and complex, so that they can afford the luxury of picking. Here appears the idea that their future partner has to correspond to all the criteria defined. For example, “there has to be more strong.”

Danger: your list could contain criteria exclusive. A man authoritarian hardly be very loving. In addition you, the boss, you will not want to obey anyone.

What to do: think about how you could supplement in a relationship, leaving aside the category of force.

4. Know how to maintain friendships with men

Strong women know how to establish and maintain relations of friendship with the men. And is not the subject of jokes of double meaning, or a parallel reality. It is a relationship of equality.

Danger: you could stay in the area of friendship forever, and it is very difficult to get out of it.

What to do: forget the image of a “man-skirt” and give your partner the chance to show their qualities strong.

5. They fear to show their weaknesses

Strong women also have their Achilles ‘ heel. A strong woman receives a label that in many cases it implies certain expectations. A tag to which, for some reason, wrong and quite often stand in opposition to femininity. And here the force can be seen as an attempt to hide the natural vulnerability.

Danger: you can lose your identity and, in some cases, getting to an emotional exhaustion trying to be independent in everything.

What to do: the real strength is the right to be oneself, including the ability to be vulnerable and make mistakes.

6. They are used to fight

The road to success is often to traverse many obstacles and difficulties. So that women know that without a fight will not gain the victory. Although then they would have to act as strategists, the true, and, if not, they would lose.

Danger: you may need to adapt the style to “all of life is a struggle” for personal relationships also, being too aggressive and strict.

What to do: don’t forget the feminine wisdom. Sometimes, giving in to a man does not mean that you lose the battle.

7. It costs them to trust people

The advancement of career and the need to protect their interests go hand in hand. Not always and not with all the communication is friendly. This understand strong women, so tend not to rely much on other people.

Danger: you can get to a level of paranoid, perceiving other people, including men, as potential enemies.

What to do: trust, but verify. The fact that each one has a stone in the hand is an illusion.

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