7 Reasons why you should not wear girdles formers every day

Since ancient times, women in their taste for look slender have been implemented as a piece of clothing the famous strip forming machine, main element of the current trend among celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and many others. This garment has as its basic function mitigate, or hide those rolls of surplus fat in our body, mainly the abdomen, with the purpose of getting curves more defined and a wasp waist. But have you ever wondered what damage can be causing this type of shapewear your body?

In Great.guru collect 7 reasons why you should not use belts molded for several days. Just good to have it on hand for special events where you want to see a bit more slender, perhaps, as a medical recommendation, or in the case of use as a girdle post-partum.

Read it until the end and amaze yourself with the things you probably don’t have an idea that could cause this garment to your body.

1. Collapse of lungs

Your lungs require sufficient space to perform its respiratory function properly, therefore, if you use a used belt that is too tight will not only be stifled but you also run the risk of collapse of the lung and respiratory disease.

2. Diseases and infections of the skin

If so you are a person fully hygienic with your clothing, when you use an element of compression on your body for so long you’re at risk for all kinds of allergies caused by the sweat and the proliferation of fungi and bacteria because of the moisture problems that can lead to having to consult soon to a dermatologist.

Almost all types of bands secrete a large amount of moisture, which creates a totally prone to fungus and infections of all kinds. The most common cases are related to Folliculitis, which is basically the infection of the capillaries caused by a buildup of fat. All this type of infections can be treated with topical antibiotics, but if they occur frequently, your body may develop resistance to this type of medication, which can cause more serious problems.

3. Gastritis and digestive problems

When you’re wearing a girdle moulding machine for a long time in your body you will feel the sensation of fullness, and you will believe that these need less food, but really, you can be prone to quickly suffer from acidity and all kinds of gastric problems caused by the compression of your organs, in addition to that the food can not be processed correctly (thanks to the increase of the acids of your stomach). Surely you have already gone through this kind of feelings without awareness of what your discomfort you are wanting to say.

4. Problems of incontinence

Regularly when you feel the need to go to the bathroom immediately go, but to wear a girdle full body, maybe, don’t run as soon as you feel the need, as it is quite tedious the process of removing it and putting it back. To postpone the urination, you’re causing tension in the bladder and the urinary tract. This can cause long-term suffer from problems of incontinence, although no longer in use.

5. Muscle aches

Medically it is proven that it makes no sense to tighten the waist to be slimmer, really what you’re doing is just dehydrating the skin by which you’ll see parts of your body with less muscle mass. By contracting the muscles, not work out and stretch appropriately, you can suffer from pains in the legs, muscle cramps, and even blood problems and varicose veins. Surely you will not experience this kind of stuff while you use it, but to remove it in the night or the next day, yes.

6. Not slimming

It is clear that the bands cause an effect of understanding on the muscles of the abdomen, but in reality it is completely fake which can help you lose weight, without a balanced diet, healthy eating habits and regular exercise, your results will be temporary. In reality, the effect caused by the garments with Neoprene is dehydrate the muscle; the same muscle mass your health returns as soon as you hidrates, and never will make you burn calories as you would by using a physical workout.

7. If you use the sash to be incorrect for your weight and height you’re going to highlight more of these “chubs unwanted”

If despite all this you decide to use a belt for any special event in which you want to see better, remember to use the appropriate for your size and weight, because, otherwise, you’re going to cause an effect completely opposite of what is desired as the seams of the belt are going to highlight those parts of your body that you do not want to be noticed in your dress. Always the most advisable thing is that you advisors with your trusted physician before use.

In conclusion, we are not saying that the use of these garments is bad, in fact they can be an aid to your process of personal training, but if we want to recommend that you consider these tips so that you do not suffer from any of the conditions listed above:

  • Do not wear girdles-moulding throughout the day and much less sleep with her.
  • Keep in mind that type of material is made from the that you use, you may find some component which you have already submitted allergies formerly. If so, it is recommended to replace it.
  • Don’t use belts too tight, look that is proper for your height and your weight.

And it is clear that for a wasp waist and a healthy body, the solution is all we know: eat properly, exercise, keep good living habits and rehydrating very well.

Have you ever used any type of strip forming machine, or you know the experience of any person who has used? Oh tell us your opinion in the comments! Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends!

Illustrator Oleg Guta for Great.guru

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