7 Secrets NASA do not want us to know

The NASA is the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space, which depends on the u.s. government. It is said that all their videomateriales are published immediately and do not change in any way. Is it true this? Or maybe hide something for our good?

We in Great.guru met the events most interesting of which the organization would like to forget. It is unlikely that we can find logical reasons. What you, what you think?

1. Interruption of a transmission. Why?

Were detected some cases in which the NASA stopped the live broadcast in appeared a mysterious object on the screen. Officially it was explained that it had lost the signal, but the supporters of the conspiracy theory to what they see as a deliberate action, because that is possibly confidential information. Could be a rare coincidence or the true intention of shutting down the transmission, but this nobody knows exactly.

2. Recordings deleted intentionally in the landing on the Moon

Unfortunately, the original recordings of the first steps of mankind on the Moon in 1969 were lost in the files of NASA. However, there they found a quick exit by going to a professional company in Hollywood called Lowry Digital, which is dedicated to recovering the filming of movies. Specialists recovered the recordings of the videos and handed them over to a company station in 1969. Now, on the website of NASA you can see the historical recordings of the landing to the Moon in a much better quality than before. But, of course, historians say that losing the original would be a crime, we agree with them.

3. Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip was a program carried out by the Secret Service of the united States to extract German nazi scientists of the Third Reich to work in the U.S. after the Second World War. As a consequence of this is created the NASA (it turns out that the space agency was created by nazi scientists). How amazing, isn’t it? In general, these scientists were devoted to the development of spaceships. By the way, the information on the “Paperclip” up to our days is kept secret.

4. NASA hides the remnants of a civilization

Such a version was proposed by the Doctor in Geological Sciences Alexandr Nikolaevich Portnov. On 26 November 2011, NASA launched the Curiosity rover, the mission was successful and the rover sent many photographs of scientists, among which are found some mysterious. However, they have carefully filtered the information that will be available to the public. According to the opinion of Portnov, Curiosity had to send many images most of which we know now. As the information is not available or is removed from immediate access to the public, means they have something to hide.

5. What in the Moon there are aliens?

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was launched in 2009, sent to Earth images very interesting that even the supporters of the conspiracy theory they called a proof of life on the Moon. The members of SecureTeam10 put attention in a circular formation on the lunar surface, which could be an alien base, but the best is a formation of natural origin.

6. Did a UFO near the Sun?

In the official website of NASA and the European Space Agency, which publishes real-time images of the Sun, a blogger saw a strange object near this and went up to his comments to YouTube. When he did, this object was removed from the official website. Why? Unfortunately, there is no explanation.

7. Why is the us plane X-37B flew into space without NASA explain it?

What kind of military program sent the mini-shuttle X-37B the space without any explanation? There were many hypotheses, but there was no information that confirmed. Officially the X-37B was testing an ion engine (that was something that caused a furore because before it was believed that an engine of this type could not operate under the Hall effect). The oddity is that the airplane is not mentioned in the reports of the NASA. The project was classified when it was delivered to the Agency of Advanced Research Projects of Defense and the Air Force of the united States.

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