7 Signs and signals your body that you can show that you are super fertile

The average time that a woman takes to get pregnant from the beginning again until you get it is between 6 and 12 months. However, there are women very fertile, manage to stay pregnant very fast.

7 Symptoms that will indicate that you’re more fertile than normal

1 – you Have a period very regular

If the period always comes on the exact day that you have to come, the odds that you will be very fertile are over. Keep in mind that we speak of a natural menstrual cycle, not of women who take the contraceptive pill.

7 Signos y señales de tu cuerpo que pueden mostrar que eres súper fertil

2 – you Suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome

It is true that the pain of headaches, cramps in the belly and general discomfort that you experience with Premenstrual Syndrome will not be what you’d want or your worst enemy, but on the other hand, you are probably most fertile.

3 – cast out enough vaginal discharge

It may seem unpleasant, but it is also a symptom that you are producing enough estrogen and your gland cervical works correctly. The flow facilitates the transport of sperm through the cervix just before the moment of conception, therefore you may find it much easier to stay pregnant.

4 – Your hormones are under control

Hormones play an important role in fertility, so, if you normally don’t have hot flashes or night sweats, you’re not very stressed and have mood swings constantly, you can be quite fertile.

7 Signos y señales de tu cuerpo que pueden mostrar que eres súper fertil
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5 – you Have a medical history impeccable

If you have not suffered from any disease that could affect the hormones or the reproductive system such as infections of the urine or STD, you are probably more fertile than women who have suffered.

Women who have had gynecological care consistent since they started to have sex, are less likely to suffer a pelvic infection that can affect the Fallopian Tubes.

6 – you had a healthy diet

A balanced diet greatly increases the chances of becoming pregnant. To do this you will need to eat fruit, vegetables, legumes, and foods rich in vitamin D.

7 Signos y señales de tu cuerpo que pueden mostrar que eres súper fertil
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7 – you Have a bulky chest

The size of the breasts can be affected by hormones. A chest more voluminous is often an indication that the hormones work properly, which may be a sign that a woman is pretty fertile. Once more, this does not mean that women with smaller breasts may not stay pregnant.

These 7 signs can help you speculate about your fertility, however, the ideal is that you go to the gynecologist if you see that you are having difficulty getting pregnant.

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