7 Situations when you break the rules of etiquette and don’t even suspect

It seems that we learned the fact that the game is eaten with the hands. You may not know what it is for a fork, but there are 7 rules that we follow, and Great.guru decided to write about them.

1. Give way to the lady in the elevator

If you think that you act like a gentleman true, you’re wrong. The elevator is a source of high risk and a potential dangerous object, that’s why the first thing that has to happen is the man. And the person who is close to the doors has to come out without relying on the sex.

2. You say “health”

With family or close friends it is okay to say “health” if someone has just sneezed. In other cases, the educated person will be as if not aware. Sometimes you can propose a tissue or a napkin so very delicate, but nothing more.

3. Speaking to equals teens

Any person who is over 12 years old you have to treat it “you”. Even if it is a student to school who would you want to ask the time or a young student who takes up a practice in your company. If you do not, then, so strong breaking the label.

4. Cover the mouth when coughing with the right hand

The right hand is considered as the “social”, because that is the give to a person to find it or know it. If before this you have coughed or sneezed tapándote with your hand, you’ll transfer a lot of microbes along with it.

5. Pass the pepper without the salt

Or the other way around, pass the salt without the pepper. In any situation the rules of etiquette of the table assume that the salt and pepper have to be together. Therefore, don’t forget to give the pepper to pass the salt.

6. Mix the sugar in the direction of the hands of the clock

You’re so focused on not touching the walls of the cup that you even suspect your error. The movements of the spoon does not have to be circular, but back and forth like a pendulum. In this way, the sugar will dissolve more quickly and will be easier to not hit you with the spoon.

7. Congratulate the bride for her marriage

It is unexpected, but according to the rules of etiquette, you only have to congratulate the groom. The bride wishes for happiness. The reason is the more romantic, because the man won the woman and made her his wife, so only he receives the sincere congratulations.

What do you do rules of etiquette has been breached, lady or gentleman? Share your answer with us in the comments.

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