7 Situations that have never immersed a person really mature

Many of us have unconscious habits that put the brakes on our happiness. And we want to say goodbye to them to start to rejoice sincerely in the good things of life.

In Great.guru discover what exactly hinder our path to this happiness positive. It’s time to achieve it!

1. A constant race for a better life

Watching the others, many times we think that they have more talent and success. And we strive to get a better education, to find a most valuable work, buy a home, or, in a few words, take possession of all the qualities of a life marked by luxury. This race of walking, checking always if your friend bought a better phone, it is certainly exhausting. Comparisons are odious.

The solution is simple: focus on yourself, your path and your goals.

2. Things that happened to you once

“All problems come from childhood”. What you might have heard this phrase, right? Your mother was authoritative, and I pressed on without stopping, your father, a soft that did not protect you, or vice versa. Your parents not taught you a model of life correct. Therefore, your relationship (if you have one) has a limp and your career does not progress as it should.

The solution passes by to understand that fight against the past is useless, there let it rest in peace. In the end, everything you have is yourself, now, in the present.

3. Junk in house that are “for the future”

We love owning things, that’s why we’re going to the sales, we look for deals… just In time to get rid of all the unnecessary things! We tend to have recourse to that of “if it serves me,“ ”for the future“, “I return”, ”then I will regret not having purchased it“ or ”wow, what a discount!”.

The solution passes through two basic rules:

  • More expensive, better quality, less quantity. It is better to buy something good and expensive that three things cheap.
  • Do you want to buy something? Waiting a day. In 80 percent of cases, nor remember the desire that you had yesterday.

4. Promises in time to say “no”

It often costs us to refuse to relatives and friends for fear of offending them or hurt them. Instead, we make excuses such as “I will try“ or ”I’m not going to promise anything, but if I can…” And as a result of this, we remain issues without finish the that we are always worrying about.

The solution: if you don’t want to do something, say so. It is better not to give false hope of a possible positive outcome and to expose you to yourself as an amoeba indecisive unable to make a decision.

5. Expectation of obtaining immediate results

Julia is 25 years old and has decided to learn to run the physical position of the split. Has always dreamed of that and now, when I see the beautiful dancers, it was pointed out to classes of the stretch. He was predisposed to that would be a painful process and uncomfortable, but promised herself to endure on the basis of those beautiful poses.

Half an hour after the start of the class, Julia, twisted in pain, she realizes that the work would take at least a year, or maybe more. Is VERY far from the split and to become a dancer seems to be a utopia. As soon as Julia realizes the real state of things, all your disposal to achieve the result vanishes. The motivation is turned off and discover that the split was not something so desired. It is better to drink a glass of wine with friends.

The output to Julia could have been understand that a real result, correct and quality is achieved by overcoming the difficulties. The girls 5-year-old going to ballet classes and stretch, also cry for the pain, but no one pays attention to this, because to do so there is no other way.

A role still more important in order to achieve a goal, the play the on a regular basis. If Julia knew that in adulthood people take 3 years to stretch to get to do a split and make, a year would have seemed a period logical and attractive. Perhaps, would not have left their classes and have reached their goals.

6. Wait for the approval of others

We used to wait for the approval of our parents, friends, and office mates. We hope to tell us mom or our neighbor. But the people that surround us, especially those that do not fall well, can hurt and hurt. To be happy, you should stop paying attention to these last and give so much importance to their opinion.

The solution: be yourself and forget about trying to please everyone.

7. Apologize for no reason

We often apologize when someone has not understood well, we have not appreciated and even we have been criticized. We say: “You see rare today, your eyes shine, don’t I recognize you!“ And we respond to it in a confused way: ”I’m sorry, has gone out as well”. But if you just ask for forgiveness when you harm someone! In other cases, it is all unnecessary.

The solution passes by to stop apologising for who you really are, for what you want and in those cases in which it is not necessary at all.

Illustrator Alena Tsarkova for Great.guru

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