7 Trends of hair cuts in 2018 for those who yearn for a change

The variations of the hairstyles of the 2018 us joy with its variety: there is a hit for every long. The lovers of the experiments shall also be satisfied: are fashion colors and bold shapes. But, in this season, there are also classic styles: the layers, the slightly tousled and the back detail is forgotten.

Great.guru prepared a revision of the haircuts coolest 2018 for those who are ready to let changes in her life. Let’s see together what trends, 2017 will continue to gain in popularity this year, and what’s new has prepared for us this season.

7. Waterfall and layers

The main hit of this season that is suited for hair of any length, is the multi-layer combined with volume. Waterfall, staircase, etc: all the variations of hair cuts made in levels and layers are at their peak in 2018.

How to use: the best choice for haircuts in layered style is messed up with an effect “disheveled”, waves, big volume and bold. Color-style ombré will also add originality and freshness to the image.

6. Bob and lob

The bob in all its variations retains its popularity. For those who are not ready for a hair is so short, it is the lob, or long bob, the “elongated version” of the same cut of hair.

Under the influence of the multiple layers, you can experiment with the bob, adding a small asymmetry or jagged edges.

How to use: The bob is a good hairstyle carelessly as in the classic way smooth. Perhaps, this is the haircut that more changes of look allows. The options for dying are also many: ombré, highlights, a single tone, etc

5. Ultra-short-throw: hedgehog and undercut

The time came for the lovers of the extreme experiments. This season, you can raparte the hair style hedgehog, and be at the top of the trend. And if the hedgehog seems too much, is the variation in undercut, which allows you to leave a part of the long hair and raparse the sides.

How to use: with the head high. What still is not enough end? Add a bright color. Ready, you are irresistible.

4. Pixie or garçon

Do you want a short haircut, but not so extreme? Then here you have 2 trends: garçon and pixiecut, a hair “style child” with French charm, or the image of an elf to be naughty. Can be both female and crazy.

How to use: the volume and the style careless to what “disaster creative” are quite appropriate with this court. For this type of haircuts is best to choose a bright color, and the pixie looks great in 2 or 3 colors.

3. Ideal geometry

For those who are against all the variations of appearance neglected, there is good news: the ideal geometry of the cuts this year also will look appropriate and stylish. Bangs cut as with a rule, and the perfectly contoured shape of the ends of any length of hair, is just what you need. So, if you love the rack with all your heart, as you exhale quiet.

How to use: Perfectly smooth. Keep in mind that the hair cuts geometric they are very choosy, any defect in the hairstyle or color you will notice immediately, so choose carefully the color and the professional to run it.

2. Retro: paje, Sesson, Gavroche

If you’ve read this far and still have not found the right option for you, perhaps you will be happy with the news that this season the fashion returns to the hairstyles from the 70-90: paje, Sesson, Gavroche.

How to use: with care and a hairstyle long-winded. The cuts retro love the classic colors and the length.

1. Returns the bangs

Excellent news: this year, the fringe returns to the top of the popularity. And you have freedom of choice full: you can be perfectly straight or milling, dense or thin, shortened, or elongated and divided into two halves.

How to use: The main thing is to choose the bangs right depending on the height of the front. The style and color are limited only by your imagination.

What you wanted to try one of these hairstyles?

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