7 Typical mistakes that we all make when depilarnos

Shaving with razor blade is the easiest method, fast and economic that exists with a lot of difference. It is true that it is not the most recommendable, because it does not draw the hair at the root, but yes the most used. However, there are still a lot of ignorance about how to do it and we keep making many mistakes.

7 Típicos errores que todos cometemos a la hora de depilarnos
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These are the 7 most common mistakes at the time of depilarnos with blade

1 – Shave when you are in a hurry

One of the mistakes that most make is shaving quickly when we are in a great hurry. That’s what happens whenever we have an emergency. We get in the shower and the first thing we do is depilarnos. In reality, what we should do is to soak the hair and use foam to soften it, that way the shaving will be much more of a hurry.

2 – Use clippers disposable cheap

We also tend to fall into the mistake of buying the machines cheaper to find “total, if it is only for depilarnos legs”. Well, no, do not ever do so. These machines, usually, only have a sheet and they last much less time.

If you invest 2 or 3 euros more you will have a razor three or four sheets and with head moving, which will allow you to depilate faster and to reach areas more complicated without cut. In addition, you will last longer.

7 Típicos errores que todos cometemos a la hora de depilarnos
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3 – Shave first thing in the morning

If you are in your epilation in the morning just before you go to work, you will have to wear tight clothes just out of the shower. This will cause your skin to be irritated. Is to depilate always at night before you go to sleep, so your skin rest for several hours and recover.

4 – do Not exfoliate or hydrate the skin

Before you depilate you exfoliarte to remove the dead skin cells that block the follicles, in this way, the veil is cut in better. On the other hand, after you depilate you have to apply moisturizer to soothe the skin and prevent irritation.

7 Típicos errores que todos cometemos a la hora de depilarnos
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5 – to Shave without foam

Depilate without using shaving foam will make the hair is much more hard and more difficult to shave. When using foam, the razor will glide better and the skin not irritated.

6 – Use the razor of another person

Especially if you’re a woman and you use your father, boyfriend, brother, friend or cousin. The machines of man are not equal to those of women. The women’s skin is much more sensitive. Even so, you must not use the razor of anyone, because you will increase the risk of infection.

7 – do Not change the sheets frequently

Not to change the head of the razor with some regularity is a blunder. Every ten shaves, you should change them to prevent damage to the skin and achieve hair removal more of a hurry. In addition, if you do not, the bacteria will accumulate in the leaves and, if you cut yourself, you will end up all inside your body.

7 Típicos errores que todos cometemos a la hora de depilarnos
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Do you have idea of how important it was to shave the right way? Oh tell us your tricks in the comments!

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