7 Tricks for those who just hate exercise

In this time that is so popular in the fitness room, the people who hate to exercise do something difficult. If you think that the sweat, the heavy breathing, the pain and discomfort throughout the body is a dubious pleasure, then not only do you have a crowd of people that will accompany you in your suffering, but also real opportunities to make your connection with the exercise of a little less tense.

Great.guru compiled several lifehacksthat will make the workouts less irritating and more comfortable.

1. Use your imagination

When the matter is about something unpleasant, often we found the council to divert the attention to something else. But for this occasion, the recommendation is exactly the opposite: you need to concentrate to the maximum in the activity which don’t want to do (in this case, exercise) and at the same time you have to imagine it as something very pleasant or a very interesting. Scientifically, this method is called “cognitive reappraisal” and, according to research recent, has shown good results.

In a few words, you can imagine that you are a scientist who performs an experiment or a journalist who is describing the feelings of a runner. Therefore, you will feel the same discomfort that during a usual training, but, at the same time, I will be observing from a point of view external to him. The variants and the quality of the immersion in the procedure depend exclusively on your imagination.

The key moment of the practice in the cognitive reappraisal involves learning how to examine your own feelings without an emotional reaction to them.

2. Make your favorite activity more actively

If you’re not a fan of the sport, it is unlikely that your pastime or hobby involves a lot of physical activity. The coach Kyanna Buchanan recommended to mix work with a little pleasure, if you like to paint or take photographs, choose locations that are difficult to access or very high from which you can capture amazing views. While you watch a movie, you can do exercises that can be executed standing or lying down.

3. Visit nightclubs more often

Go to parties, music festivals and other places where you can dance until you exhaust yourself. In reality, the dances involve a lot of movement; you can be active during several consecutive hours, you will have heat and you’ll be left speechless, but, at the same time, you will come to the mind that all this time you’ve been practicing the aerobic exercises so hated!

4. Extracted the benefit of the daily life

The discovery that a walk has the same benefit for the health that run turned out to be a stroke of luck for those who do not like torturing your body. You can stop worrying about not having motivation to wake up early and go jogging in the nearest park, for it will be enough to make 10 thousand steps a day.

It is comfortable to do so on the way to work, even if you have to travel by bus for a good time, you can get off a few stops earlier and walk. In the first place, this will allow you to mix two things at the same time. In the second place, the fear of arriving late, probably to retain your desires to take a slow pace.

5. Use any time off work to do some movements

You left the bathroom? Do 10 squats! What were you for a coffee? Perform 10 stretches side while the water is heating. If during lunch you go to a shop or a café, you can continue with the count of your steps of the previous point.

6. Go back to your childhood

Almost all children like to move actively. Try to remember what activity I caused a true satisfaction when you were a child: did the pool, the roller skating or maybe football? The positive emotions linked to childhood are a powerful mechanism motivation for doing sport. It does not matter if only you liked to climb trees, running through the courtyards and conquer the roofs of the neighboring houses, the modern climbing walls or spaces to practice parkour you will remember how pleasant it is to receive the joy of the movements.

7. Create a music list, motivational

It is nice to move to the rhythm of the music, but do it to the rhythm of your favorite music is even better. However, the collection of epic songs as “Eye of the Tiger”, the main theme of Mortal Combat, and even those soundtracks used in “the salvation of the world” are songs that at first you enjoy and then give you many cheers giving an effect much larger than the corpora habitual or rock.

It is good to renew your list of songs at least once a week for its stimulating effect not lower.

Great.guru does not promote the leaving of physical activity, but these tips may be appropriate for certain people who don’t feel an attraction to the sport or don’t have the time to do this. And you, do you have tips for keeping a lifestyle with movement?

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina for Great.guru

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