8 Artifacts that not so long ago the world saw for the first time

Science does not stop. Appear new opportunities for research and as a result, new findings and discoveries. For example, at the end of this article, I’ll show you how it looked to an ancient queen. Archaeology also uses the latest achievements of technology and gives us no end of interesting discoveries on which humanity could not even suspect.

In Great.guru come together for you findings and discoveries that will leave you breathless. ¡Let’s look at them and let us stay without breath together!

7. Brain of a dinosaur

No one would have been able to guess that a pebble found in 2004 on the grounds of the Sussex could be the brain fossilized in an ancient dinasaurio. But so it was. Its age is approximately 133 millions of years. With the help of a special microscope, scientists were able to discover that it was the brain of a former inhabitant of the planet. Yet this finding is unique.

6. A sewing kit made in the front by soldiers in times of the wars of prussian campaigns of Napoleon and also in the british wars in south Africa and India

Blankets unique, hand-made by men, some of them for the first time took a thread with a needle in his hands, this demonstrates that in the war there was room for the beautiful. Previously it was believed that the soldiers were making blankets during recovery in the hospital, but according to recent information, made directly in the field of battle, during short breaks between the military operations. These wonderful works were exhibited only in 2017.

5. The remains of a human being old

In 2017, a skeleton of Australopithecus was put on public display, and its uniqueness lies not only in his age, of around 3.6 million years, but also in that is almost complete. Their reconstruction showed the scientists that the Australopithecus has more similarity with the human skeleton of what was once considered officially. The finding was in the caves of Sterkfontein in south Africa and according to the opinion of the experts was of a woman who fell on a rock.

4. The secret collection of Monet

Claude Monet, the famous French painter, he had a wide collection of works of art. However, very few people know about this because the artist hid this fact of his biography. Unfortunately, to keep the secret, the painter did not keep records of where and who acquired his paintings. As proof that Monet was not an opponent of the neo-impressionist, in his collection there is a place for paintings of Pissarro, Signac and Manet, artists who painted exactly in this genre.

3. Native americans adorned teeth 2,500 years ago

It turns out that the idea of decorating the teeth is not a concept that is so new. In the skull of a man found in the inhabited pueblos in the south of North America, teeth were decorated with semi-precious stones and it was not something unique, as it is practiced normally. For this work, using drills of obsidian and glue-based resin, and bone dust.

2. Mummy inside a statue

Thanks to modern exploration of the Buddha statue, she managed to find the mummy of the buddhist monk Liu Quan, who lived between the centuries XI and XII d.C. A fact made doubly surprising was that in place of the internal organs of the monk had ancient manuscripts with prayers.

1. The rare chinese treasures of 3,100 years

Recently in China were found household items interesting in the burial place of a noble. Today, it is still unknown who precisely belongs to this tomb. Most of the utensils are made of bronze with an amazing craftsmanship. The archaeologists believe that it is the beginning, because according to their data, they found a pantheon old whose enigmas in the main still have not been deciphered.

Bonus: face reconstructed from the queen peruvian, who lived 1,200 years ago

Researchers from Poland and Peru restored the image of this illustrious woman, thanks to the modern methods of 3D printing. The burial in the Castillo de Huarmey is related to the Huari culture, which lived in Peru long before the Incas. The body of the Queen of Huarmey was in a crypt partitioned off with a large amount of jewellery and objects for rituals.

How many wonders there are to discover? No one knows. But maybe you have heard of recent archaeological findings. Share your response with us.

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